Secrets of Sha-Dra (via Redsun4sunhawk2lifedance’s Blog)

If you have every had questions about how sacred children are seen by the Sacred Ones then you might want to read this it gives you some very interesting information you most likely never realized or knew before. For those of you who read this here and think that is all it is not… here are only excerpts from the entire messages within Sha-Dra’s Secrets. It speaks of reincarnations, memories, and guardians, in fact they have very strong connection with the spiritual realm and more connected to the universe than most people think or fare to believe. This also gives insight in the secrets of the sacred children, and a few of the reasons to spiritual secrets of why they’re so very important to us.

Yes, here are a few of the secrets and blessings I have learned from Nature, her children great and small, we need to understand what they teach us has to to with our own spiritual growth and development and they gifts we share and offer.

Secrets of Sha-Dra Most people think animals are something more than a status symbol to be looked, while others consider animals nothing more than chattel, so they deserve no respect. Then others with no respect of self or life abuse animals whenever they get the whim, since they take their hatred of self out on animals. While others love to abuse, hunt, and/or kill animals for nothing more than blood lust sport, who are the same ones that would … Read More

via Redsun4sunhawk2lifedance’s Blog


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