World Trade Center Ground Zero Back in Time …. Section 4

Time for healing

Section Four:

Visit World Trade Center Disaster Back in Time

The first leg of our travel the Sacred Angel surprised me, as we approached, the sounds of heavy equipment could be heard from a far distance along with people working and shouting over equipment. No one needed to say where we were, but the when, was my surprise. Stopping just outside the area of rubble, as the Sacred Angel pointed within the area of rubble: “Look into the center and the four-directions where the land has been injured. Tell me what you see? One small detail this is the day after the planes crashed in the towers and the Pentagon.


We hope, you will simultaneously, gain a better insight into the heart of Our Sacred Father, our sacred niverse, during our journeys, to see, experience and touch the spirit of peoples across the lands, along with connecting with secret of this earth and the sacred universal  guardian spirits of eternal life, sacred life forces and humanity. Learn to understand and relate to everything and everyone’s interdependence with life forces and land.

First stop we need to stand within the injured center, of the land where the World Trade Center Towers, once stood. Within the heart center are things you need absorb, see, and sense amidst the destruction and in time you might be able comprehend why, this was allowed to happen. (The term injured is used to say the spirit of the land and the people have been injured deeply and the pain is something that is going to take a very long time to heal.)

Four Angles and one large and growing larger, multi-colored Phoenix Bird with its wings spread out, wide. Strange, not sure what I am observing? Why does it appear to be growing in size and strength? I see the smoke, but the Phoenix Bird and smoke are not the same. Each one appeared taller than the original heiaght of the tallest center.

They were there to sort the pain and prayers, to send assistance to those in needs, since the Sacred Ones also have very will versed angels and support systems to help those in time of disasters and lost. Between the ones who lost family, friends and businesses, there is a world in pain and the attack proved universal problems. The turmoil of energies and the conflicting energies had to be sorted or greater problems were going to occur, although not all interactive can be seem only felt or experienced it is important they are working to bring about balance and healings.

Sacred Angel:

What you see rising from out from the ashes is Our Sacred Father’s sacred promise singing out to all the people of the lands: from these ashes comes the beginning of rebirth for many nations. IF they heed this as the master wake-up to come together for renewal of life and rebirth of awareness. Life should have never been pushed this far, but sometimes sorrow must come to awaken rebirth.

Phoenix bird:

Pain in loss and sorrow are the beginning of rebirth and salvation for all of the Sacred Father’s children. This was a wake-call for all peoples around the world, not just for those in this country, but for all races, nationalities and nations: we must learn to work together, develop ways to respect one another and overcome difference, then and only then is it possible to find a balance. Stop focusing on cultural and religious differences, but focus on cultural and religious similarities, as well as, opening hearts to respect others for their differences, too.


“Look again and tell me what you see?”

Red Sun:

Four Angels standing taller than the towers in the corners, representing the four-directions, with feet upon the ground. Interesting how their position forms a sacred life platform for a solid new foundation. Each one in their position makes sure they formed a sacred platform, for the blessings, prayers and protection. So with this much pain flooding into the area, does it mean they take the pain onto themselves to help others heal? This I can understand since there is great sorrows flooding into the area of the fallen towers, without them I do not want to see or feel the conditions that could happen. Negative energy changed to positive.


Listen to the thundering voices from the four angels!”

Four Sacred Guardian Angels:

This call to awaken is more than a warning, and far more than a wake-up call to life for rebirth. It is the turning point for humanity, it is the opportunity for all to reach out and begin a new journey towards the salvation of humankind. This was destruction was not meant to be, but now you see if people fail to open their minds and hearts this is only the beginning of the Devil’s destruction. See this now to be the Sacred Mother Earth call to her peoples to wake-up, not just touching the few in this country, but all races and nationalities from every corner of the earth. Spirit-hearts and hands of humankind must learn to work together. Develop ways to respect each other and overcome lifelong perceived difference and hatreds. It is possible for humanity to find a balance and live together in harmony.

“People most stop focusing on cultural and religious differences: rather focus on similarities of cultures, life and family belief systems and religion. We are not referring to main culture/religion bases, but all cultures, their belief systems and religious beliefs. If people in their hearts can’t focus on similarities, then they must find within their hearts, ways to respect others for their differences.

Tolerance is not expecting others to conform to your perception of life, but learning to work together, is the first step. Remember, even now, these words can and will by some be twisted in many ways, but they are meant in the purest of forms, only. The spirits in these words are neither black nor gray nor clouded with deception. Numerous people hold pure anger and hatred, which stand in their way, whereby blocking ones able to understand the truth.

Sacred Angel:

Sadly, Red Sun, a good percentage can only classify and summarize this attack, in terms of evil, dark disaster: hearts and minds of many refuse to fully accept, while some say it never happened; surrealistic television; government conspiracy; or some other government reenactment. These are a few of the ways to handle disasters, if they believe none of it was real. Conspiracy theories are already beginning to abound. These people, who deny truth of reality, do so, because they’re afraid to face life’s truths.


The Four Angels, who stand taller than the World Trade Center once did, are here to help make sense out of the pain, to ease suffering of mind, body, spirits and help calm the increased emotional pain of those working here and those whose hearts are heavy with suffering and pain, along with those who experienced personal lost. The family of those who lost and living with great suffering are now watched after and guarded by angels.

The Four Angels gather all the prayers of spiritual love, and all wishes filled with sacred energy and caring. They take the pain and the prayers from those who are suffering and/or injured, whose experiences enhanced pain caused by this lose. The guardians offer additional support for all those who are suffering while they struggle to keep all those they can a live long enough for rescue workers to get to them.

Sacred Angel aka Christmas Angel:

Remember in the Book of Psalms, the symbolism of the conversation between David and the Lord, regarding how some warriors went to the water to drink and held fast to their shields and weapons. Others went to the water and laid down their weapons. One must stand guard . . . . in all realms against the harm and destruction darkness can create. Accept the light, know all should not allow or enable darkness to blind them to reality or overpower and kill their spirits. (We have been a country that for too long have laid our weapons down and dicounted the need for them.)

For too long people have surrendered their awareness, and accept life as the winds blow. They laid aside their weapons and sold the lives of others and their children through their lack of caring and courage, which can equal laziness and selfishness.

Red Sun:

Vaguely, although I can’t remember it word for word, explain what does one have to do with the others?

Vivid flash of thought-forms revisiting green and red serpents and how I was warned of this coming, and the visions I received connected to these towers.


One must stand guard and be vigilant at all times. Which for too long has not been the case, people have allowed a state of blissfulness overpower them. The calm is always before the storm, because once one allows selves to become compliance it’s easy to be blinded by evils darkness. Once this happens, people carelessness invites evil into their home and gives darkness his foothold and power to play numerous games of deception and increase his countless abilities to destroy.

Remember, the sufferings of our people when the Whiteman was invited in? The conditions and problems we had to deal, when people believed the suffering of others, matters not onto them, as long as, each individual could feed their lust? We are of many backgrounds, but of one world. Pick-up the shield and hold your protection close.

Sacred Angel: [opens a window to another area beyond the fallen towers]

Listen even now, one can hear and sense the cries of despair, heartache, turmoil and fears, produced because of loss, near and far, past and present. Look at what has happened in Afghanistan, if one does not care, and chooses not to care, the darkness and suppression is what will happen around the world, if the serpents aren’t stopped? Because people turned their backs and said: ‘This is none of our concern.’ We had to allow this to happen because people turned numb and failed to care, yet too many still turn their backs, saying it cost too much to help others, it will cost more to be weak and refuse to stand strong against tyranny of evil.

We wish people would, WAKE-UP. See the destruction here, the lives lost and all destroyed. In truth, it has always been our concern, and it should always be everyone’s concern. Nevertheless, for too long people have turned their backs for reason they believe valid. Love and concern for ones fellowman is valid, not turning ones back on the suffering of others, is valid. Yet, that which is not valid is turning ones back, and refusing to acknowledge what is right, because it is easier.

According to legend Phoenix is a mythical bird with a tail of beautiful gold and colored plumage The bird was also said to regenerate when hurt or wounded by a foe, thus being almost immortal and invincible, it is also said that it can heal a person with a tear from its eyes and make them temporarily immune to death.

The Phoenix is a symbol of fire and one of the most powerful forces of nature and divinity, or enlightenment.

Sometimes through personal tragedy we are forced to rebuild our lives and reinvent ourselves both emotionally and spiritually through karmic circumstances and just like the Phoenix rise above the ashes or devastation to transform and evolve…. 2011 – I am so ready….are YOU?

4 thoughts on “World Trade Center Ground Zero Back in Time …. Section 4”

  1. An interesting reading of a very insightful dream or subconscious manifestation , I followed the links as well but must admit that I no longer can comment on political subjects that are based on the triviality of mans worldly interpretation on the material actions on this plane , more can be learnt and imparted by the awakening of the souls mind to the actions and reactions as perceived in the spiritual plane

    What I did find very interesting about this entire journey, some all the interactive sensory perception. This type of spiritual journey is a form of mediumship. Spirit travels while the silver thread is connected and sends transmissions but the conscious, so it can use key pictorial visions to tape into all the events and conditions going on at the different places we visited. I was able to see the thought-forms, hear the prayers and relate to the pain and Four Angels standing at least the same height if not taller than the World Trade Centers before they fell.

    Where you read the energy in the Radar System in this area at the time the influx of energies were massive and needed to be sorted and special support guardians sent to those with their spirits in turmoil to help them recover. Much the same as support services that were set up, and many angels added in the guidance of support services and support personnel, too.

    1. Ian this is not about political commentary but about spiritual matters that was along foreseen by visionaries and part are even in the Bible, although I am sure a good part of the actual vision was stroked out because it make no sense to people a few thousand years ago and now the Governments are only puppets of the Shadow Government so I see things on a more spiritual matter and ones that only have a universal impact. The Red Serpent is growing stronger and only the woman can stop his total destruction from destroying all of humanity.

      Refer: Your comment on the article World Trade Center Ground Zero back in time.

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