Speeding Car Brain Teaser

Faith Receive
Sacred Blessings

Speeding Car Brain Teaser

How many real surprises in your lifetime of experiences can you say was/were one or
more powerful life altering experiences? The type where words linked to overwhelming, amazing, and/or miracle only cheapens any portion of this life experience, which surpasses the wild bird landing beside you in your bedroom type of positive surprise. I am talking about when it’s over it leaves everyone in awe, and questioning in wonderment . . . Are we . . . How did they . . . Where and  what happen . . . Are we alive?

These question and more left eighteen people numb and seeking answers to what defied simple answers, if there is any earthly logic answers, which left one can only look at and seek answers to spiritual quantum blessings and physics. All seventeen in a stretch Cadillac Limousine, crossing Santa Monica Blvd received one sure surprise and  introduction to spiritual quantum physics during a Saturday tour of recordings studios,
instead of movie studios soundstages and back lots. It is hard to say what was  the last thing one street racer remembered and what happened to him in the aftermath of the shock and awe surprise he received just one intersection block west Santa Monica and Cole and landing at Vine Street.

What a difference a blink makes:
Instead of eighteen charred bodies, twisted in a flaming mess. Strong faith enacted
universal physics, or did all our guardians enacted universal/spiritual physics, after a prayer when personal senses warned of extreme danger. Prayers summons the record keepers into action and/or they activated one of any number of diverse jumps.

Once personal summons went out to request they protect the lives of many children. My words in a split-second: That’s it, grandfathers, we’re out of here. Eyes blinked and we were in another space twenty-six-yards away. However, none can explain what happened to missing minutes, In fact more than five-minutes had elapsed, before we touched down. Considering, the seriousness of short and long-term consequences, which link current lives to those of future generations can only be the factor or factors to redirect and dictate outcome of current events and individual personal state of affairs.

What aspect of universal/spiritual physics action can send us crossing through
what spiritual portal of time? Our jump did exchanged realities: did we go back in time or crossed through space into one or more alternate possibilities, which negated negative one and activated positive conditions of life and living. How many lives in alternate realtiy and futures  are involved what happened when we jumped—unknown? Then maybe we only created a ripple effect by crossing space which influenced the need to reset time. Quantum physics has so many possibilities and this one by the way reality of events unfolded, leads one to assume, many aspects actually reset between speed of motion, light, and sound.

Can any one fully explain what would   have or might have happened, when one car on a t-bone collision course . . . the  last second I saw the car I can only estimate was the distance of a Rolling Stone Newspaper, folded in half, when I blinked? Away from enjoining his car with  one stretch limo then stretching it in another direction, and sending us in an unwanted direction of more that hundred yards closer to Vine. The collision would have embedded me in the radiator first, along with children, the racecar
engine and driver would have been hard to separate, his car in motion. Not sure
what happened but everyone thought they remember a car, touching car, a flash,
and then . . . how long, before limo and all blink back into material reality  more than three car lengths north of Santa Monica Blvd. on Cole. Okay how do we get
here, across the remaining six lanes, and crosswalk, what happened to the other
car . . . wait a minute are we alive?

Leading  up to this outing adventures, the guilt of a workaholic mother, who worked non-stop, a minimum of four to five days without sleep: So much time away from home meant the children in this neighbor were all on the edge of being lost in the world
of teenage years, absent of parents and guidance. These children of parents on-call
24/7 working in the entertainment fields and felt abandoned and ignored. Their
parents only the support workers behind the camera, in so many support areas, all
working in the background, to ensure the famous look good and they keep their
jobs. Low paying jobs compared to the famous, they have to insure the famous are
loved by the public and the music studios, wasn’t any different.

The children  of families that were not wealthy, rich or famous, suffered from lack of attention with parents who were hard-workers, to give their children a home, food, clothing and roof, which is why they worked the same type of crazy long hours, too. Just
to stay in the middle-low income range. The neighborhood we lived in eighty percent of the parents worked for different motion picture studios, the others did support services for the various studios, meaning the children had visited the lots and various shots so many times it was boring, they wanted to meet recording artists not actors. This mother was the only one that worked in a recording studio and had connections with the different studios in town . . .  One night when I returned home after working over a hundred hours straight and they took advantage of guilt and played the blackmail, if you love us cards.

“Mother, are the Eagles still recording in the studio?”

“No, they’ve finished recording the tracks they wanted to record in our studio, tonight. Why?”

“Our friends wanted to see them. But if they can’t see the Eagle, they would enjoy a tour of the recording studios, if we could please? Who is recording, where? Can you get us into any of the  other recording studios?”

Sorry girls, even with my connections it’s not possible to find out who’s recording where and when, we’ll  just have to take our chances. Remember, Saturdays are the only time all of you  school children can go, because that is the only time I will take you.”

“Mot-her-r . . . err?

“My way or it won’t happen. Do  you all agree?”

“O’ . . . okay.”

After  parental approval, I borrowed the studio’s stretch limousine Cadillac, to take my
three daughters and thirteen of their friends on a Saturday tour of the  recording studios, with this mother their chauffeur. During the week I received permission from seven studios to bring the children on their personal guided  tour, but NO promises of seeing any artists in session.

A few blocks from the third studio, northbound on Cole, heading to the fourth studio, on my list: What is this eerie uneasy condition coming in our direction? This strange sensation overpowers all my senses with feeling of violent danger, possible death, danger eclipsing emotions and spirit  . . . . Why am I experiencing this massive
amount of  red flags and danger signs flashing, with red rockets flaming high and going off in all direction, during a  firefight in the middle of a war zone? Only these are symbolic of serious physical problems. . . .

Calling all  guardians and sacred elders, things feels way out of balance. Danger, Danger Emergency, can’t explain why, but this is the heaviness impressions of impending  doom, I have experienced in years. It has the sensation of one dark and
dangerous demonic cult against a family. I see several summonsed these demonic
forces to create serious harm to a couple of these children. Cannot explain it, but the danger is extreme. Not sure of why the danger, but I sense possible deaths?

 Spirit-mind shouts Red Sun stop worrying and pray strong . . . .
Guardian—protectors, hear my heart; hear my spirit prays, emergency, emergency;  I Red Sun summons one and all to come quick. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Father, Son and Holy Ghost  in the name of all that is Holy, I call all our guardians for emergency help and protection: Can’t  explain why but I know we are soon be in need of strong protection and  guidance. Calling all guardians, come quickly, come now danger at hand. What and where I am not sure but I do know this danger is at hand and will beyond question try to occur and without you take place
? Quick flash of the traffic signal ahead changing from red to green and the words:  The outcome depends on . . . . (Then conditions fade into void and silence, which training has taught me conditions depends on many factors.)

Prayers started three blocks south of Santa Monica Blvd, heading northbound on Cole Ave, when the panic call went out all the way to the red light on Santa Monica Blvd. “Okay everybody  when the light turns green, we all need to lookout for dangers coming our way, maybe a truck or car. We need to divide the car in half, straight down the  middle you seven on the right check for any and all westbound events, cars, trucks, planes or maybe a boat. We seven on the left side will check for eastbound fast-moving anything. Now the only two males watch the rear for any signs of danger. Look sharp something strong, dangerous, and deadly is coming and the outcome depends on us.

Yes, to answer the unasked question, I have a very big bad feeling, thus we all need to be watchful. Then I learned several of the girls also had received strong sensations of extreme danger. They had been praying, too. Nor could they say why, but they realized we won’t know what it is until it’s about to happen. ”

Light turned green, hold for ten-count, now slowly advance out across the crosswalk and parking lane, giving us clear views in all directions for miles and it appeared clear. Void and silences, what an experience with eerie-silence, straying long into the vast, void, vacant  Santa Monica Boulevard as far as fifteen pair of eyes could see. This void, vacant, vastness, which even for a weekend along the boulevard, seemed surprising  silent. Considering most, if not all the businesses on Santa Monica Boulevard from Santa Monica Beach, across Vine into downtown Los Angeles, except for a few tourist shops around Hollywood and Vine, closed on the weekend, even though Vine Street is heavily traveled and busy 24/7, which was my reason for taking less traveled streets.

Eastbound observers: Clear on the left, nothing coming for as far as we can see.

Westbound observers: “Ditto.” “Ditto.”
“Same on this side.”

Mother chauffeur checked all, directions and there was only one older model, black car, parked northbound across Santa Monica Blvd on Cole Ave.

Stepped on the gas pedal to advance at a normal speed: when panic filled the car with sixteen screaming children: “Oh  . . . dame where did he come from?” The car was maybe two-hundred yards away on the outside line and closing fast, I gunned it. The outside racer disappeared, only then did we but the danger increased, since none of us saw him, until he was  less than fifty yards away.

All the girls in frighten voices: “How  did he get here? He is going to hit us! Where did he come from? . . . “How did  he get so close so fast?” “We’re all dead.”

I  looked left over my shoulder to discover one out-of-where (?) street racer, his
eyes full open, with mixed expressions of confusion and horror, reflecting more
white, tones of eyes and flesh than he did at birth. He was on a t-bone collision course and too close to escape accident, injuries, loses of life and loses to property. The car  . . . only the distance of a Rolling Stone Newspaper, folded in half, away. Actual if I put my
arm out the window and I could touch his grill, this is how away from or close to enjoining racer with the stretch limo. Except this time instead of stretch lengthwise, it would become a U-shaped stretch limo or maybe looking something similar to an arrow with shaft in the middle.

The problem with this type of stretch means two would soon equal one. Try to imagine if you can, one sport car turning at least 210 mph, making his car the tool to creating a new design a new decoration of two by force, beginning with pushing  and driving the driver-side metal, seats, passengers and all in a U-shape arrow, while bowing the passenger side some 50 TO 100 yards closer to Vine. Then only if both vehicles failed not to erupt
into flames, then maybe something will allow eighteen personages to escape the  remodeling. Instead of turning forms into eighteen trapped and twist, bodies modeled
and twisted into the metal.

Seeing the danger, I refuse to let any harm come to these  children I voiced to the guardians: Oh, no this isn’t going to happen, we’re out of here grandfathers, No harm or death  to come to . . . . Eyes blinked, symbolic of refusing to accept death
coming, next thing I an aware of is hearing a couple of the girls . . .

“Wow that was cool!”

“What happened?”

“How did we get here?”

“Where did he go?”

“Look there he is . . . up the light pole at Santa Monica and Vine.”

“Mom, back up so we all can see.”

This  I have to see. Maybe we should take a couple of minutes for your chauffeur to examine these events?” Backing the car up and parking behind the lonesome
black car. “Let’s get out and take a closer look at the bigger picture.”

Passenger doors flying open: “Hey, everyone  let’s go to the corner and check the idiot out.”

“Hey, gang before anyone does  anything else; let’s take a second to give thanks to our protectors for our lives and whole bodies. We are alive, aren’t we?”

In the blink of an eye, quicker than a heartbeat we moved out of space and through space to another place: it’s the only explanation for how the lives of seventeen could have possible been saved. At his rate of speed he would have plowed straight through the limo. Worse case scenario: two cars, one mass of twisted metal with bodies embedded and charred.

“Mom, he must have been using this street as a drag strip, pushing his petal through the metal of his floor board.”

“The last any of us remember, we were only halfway through the center line [inside eastbound line] bracing for .  . . then . . . did we dematerialized?

“Then we rematerialized, we must have dematerialized, in a different place minus the racecar and landing above that black car parked here.”

“Now look that him and his car appears to be screaming while hugging the lamp-post. Strange how the car is sitting on its back bumper, with all of his doors, hood and trunk popped open.”

“His car looks to be praying for help and giving thanks for its life.”

“No, it looks more like a frightened puppy.”

“How fast was he going for his car to climb the light pole, without any visible front-end damage?”

“Gee-wheeze, guys take a close look, don’t you agree his tires are hugging the lamppost. He must have been flung against the lamppost.”

“How long has it been since we jumped through space, Beam me up Scotty is what happened here? Then does that mean, we really did dematerialize and rematerialized, but who and how? Mom,  what did you do this time?

“How have any of you paid attention, before we saw that car and mom stopped the car, the police and  ambulance had already arrived on the scene. That makes we wonder how long  before we rematerialized and where did we go?” All the children stand down
on the street with mouths wide open. Suddenly, they had to deal with the question of confusion about the entire episode.

“Okay, we can think about it on the way to the next studio, if you want or go some place get something to eat and talk this over or say you have had enough strange for the day and just head  home. You girls decide and let me know where you want to go or stop? Take a  vote and let me know, I will be in the limo.”

Sitting in the limo: Our Creator and guardians were good to us  today. Can I ask a question: How did you set him at that 85-degree angle up the pole, and what is your reason for the symbolism of placing his car to give the appearance of a praying dog? Then too where did all of those cars, police car and ambulance come from so quickly. How long were we between realities? Okay, so it was more than ‘A’ question.

On our way home, the only thing fourteen girls and two boys could talk about was
the experience of dematerializing and rematerializing or whatever . . . that was cool. They knew life around mom was out of the ordinary, but this  experience helped them realize how powerful heaven’s blessings can be and what amazing things angels are capable of doing. What we do know about the speeding  car incident, it was a lesson in what the faith of a mustard seed can do.

One of the girls asked that made me  feel good. “How many of you have heard experiences of friends and/or loved ones in the military, who had a spiritual physics experience during combat of  some unexplained experiences, which saved their lives or the lives of a friend?”

StillsWater very aware of spiritual physics and guardian angels: You know, what I even observe from teachers is how unaware they are of the world around them if not written it doesn’t matter. The only physical behavior of physics and its abilities, they reflect in their
unspoken behavior of . . . I do not want to think. That means, unless science proves it or has issued a paper on it its not so, since science has not proved it. That is instant rejection and narrow thinking, which reflects their denial of reality, and says if I refuse to accept or believe truth, it is easier to live my life without thinking . . . furthermore, I don’t want to know. Truth, things are not possible by rejection, it is easier to set the limits on research of personal abilities, than to believe and develop our life along the lines of personal development by acceptance of and learning the conditions of living with indigenous spiritual science. Besides, none of us would be here right this minute if not
for spiritual physics.”

Once StillsWater spoke up, it seems all the children had some interesting analysis of events and  interesting ways of putting it, many times one would say a couple of words and someone would add to it and then . . . the  following are some of the things they had to say that made sense:

  • Spiritual quantum physics, equals intervention and transportation of sixteen life forms inside one large luxury car and including cars and personalities.
  •  Folding of space, Influences on lifeline in space-time, which repositions life
    conditions, movements, motions within in everyone’s lifeline of events,
  • By moving in one direction or another thus is creates the changing motion, action, and interactions of the yin and yang of universal consciousness
  • Thus, we can say folding space allows for the recreate of different but desired spiritual and life outcomes.
  • Guardians move us through space to a different point in a different reality in order to adjust or prevent some series of events or protect and remove us from crossing when it is not our time.
  • Then they bring us back in order to insure we accomplish our prime directive, isn’t that right Mom? (All the children only knew me by the name of Mom.)
  • Mom?  Isn’t that what most non-spiritual people would consider a miracle and thinking people like us, would consider spiritual physics intervention by guardians.

All right my children “What I find sad is how so many people fail to examine what a beauty gift of blessed knowledge, one receives, during these experiences, which gives people an abundance of spiritual wealth, when one takes the time to analysis event and the information inside said interventions. All too often the information within some experience, one receives, the person fails to understand. It one remembers one statement in spiritual scriptures and the bible, life would have reached a more sacred place. Remember hearing the words: ‘This that I can do you can do and event greater.’ So now, humanity  shortsightedness tells them, spiritual physics is not real. Quantum physics and  jumping into and through space is impossible.

Reality check, If people had decided to accept ones connection to, with and indigenous people knowledge and uses of spiritual/mental physics, many centuries ago, we would have created a better understanding and awareness of our universe. Think about all the things that are out of balance, how in school you fear things that are different, and what you do to degrade, or get rid of that which you don’t understand. All of life is an adventure of lessons and journeys, and you are allowing your fear to drive you. What you
need to learn is to experience and get to know and understand what you fear, to bring about wisdom, spiritual/mental/physical, harmony, and balance.

People including you children need to  understand we have many forms of communications, which can be constructive and/or destructive. Productive leads to improvements in yours and the lives of others, destructive communications can bring disappointment in your life, countless others, and our universe. Remember, destructive communications and thought forms are a contagious illness. If spiritual physics is possible, then all things are possible? Get the picture what we learn and understand or reject is the foundation of our life. Programming of self also adds to the programming of
the universe. We can help with its sacred balance and spiritual advancements.  Remember, we are part of the universal consciousness.

Here is an experiment to mentally decided to discover what happens if you apply daily conscious use to increase your knowledge and awareness of personal spiritual/mental and universal quantum physics. You might not discover much at first, but keep a positive direction and project positive improvement in your life and family, but make sue you are
not mentally projecting selfish or greedy thoughts.”

This gave us all plenty to think  about for several weeks trying to understand what happened were the affects short or long term. This only led to more questions, no answers, and several hypotheses, without one conclusion. Nevertheless, reset, another beginning raised us out of the ashes from what could have been our ending. The value of one or more, no ending, awakens one with another key to knowledge if one wants to open the window of knowledge. The gift so many people fail to acknowledge.

Side  Bar begins: [This incident was after the girls’ protection from fire in
exploding candle wax and StillsWater recovery from JRA when she was at the
brink of death, received the gift of life anew and exploring spiritual physics
of miracles. Primary objectives and prime directive required exploration and
experiences of indigenous sciences, along with deeper research into, and
awareness of, traditional culture and spiritual physics. This in time provided
the catalysis for writing the series on Guardians Do Exist.] : Side Bar ends


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