Ancients . . . Wisdom AUTHENTICATED Opening

Ancients …Wisdom AUTHENTICATED

Sacred Father WhiteEagle & Grandfather EagleHawk

Summons Many of the Sacred Ones

Messages, Purification, Gift of Life, universe’s eternal circle. . . Spiritual Transitions [Life/Death concepts] between realms are only our perception that create a reality that feed our fears . . . However, one must die for others to survive


Unique summonses:

One mid-afternoon the most Sacred WhiteEagle Father validated the sacred knowledge, of the ancient and elders. Sixteen came to answer this unique to extraordinary quests for several Chiefs, medicine elders, spiritual leaders, SunHawk, StillsWater, and Red Sun; a time for eighteen humans to witness an encounter few get the opportunity to be part of and/or witness. After the amazement, we grew to comprehend the magnitude of this unexpected presentation … His plan became an event of sacred awareness turning each ones’ life into a sacred journey filled with a number of sacred blessings and messages, speaking too many through one unique sacred visitations and eternal blessings. Grandfather EagleHawk and his two mate one Golden Eagle and the other a Red Hawk, from the east to the gate to greet our honored guest.

After the three escorted convoy of cars . . . fifteen friends from New Mexico, Arizona, and Oklahoma, in three cars, filled with Chiefs, Spiritual Leaders, Medicine Elders; and two medicine students in training; the last two miles from our front gate to our cabin. We who knew Grandfather EagleHawk’s behavior, wondered why he and his two mates remained singing their song too our guest, besides ensuring everyone benefitted in valuable observation; which allowed everyone to get involved in sanctified spiritual gathering.

Nevertheless, for us that knew Grandfather EagleHawk’s behavior, our curiosity builds, asking why, what is the reason for remaining, with his partners/companions normally by this time they return to their sacred realm, via the realm into the sacred sunlight within the light eternal: Okay we continue to question: when they abruptly swoop back towards the gate to escort one or more Indigenous VIPs up to our cabin . . . . Wow, even before they returned we recognize, StillsWater’s car they chose to honor, this time instead of the Ravens . . . guiding StillsWater . . .  truly unexpected, under her normal visitations we observe her three guardian Ravens escorting her. Interesting she came last weekend, and not expected until next weekend, now our eldest daughter shows up early, shortly after our out of state and local guests, arrive, on the same day.

 SunHawk and Lionel greet her at the car, with the same question. In jest StillsWater say, “Sorry mom I failed to get bagels, since I had no plans to show up here, my plan began with a drive to the beach (opposite direction of San Bernardino National Forest), I need to get a number of things straightened out in my head, I can remember leaving the driveway, but I cannot remember anything else, until I made the turn at the gate and heard Grandfather EagleHawk. SunHawk calls out “Red Sun this is you area of expertise, our daughter drove for at least two-hours without knowledge or insight of what and where she actually believed she was someplace else; what is your opinion?

After asking a few more questions I found this day even more interesting and it sounds to me you were driving in a trance, which allowed one of her spirit guides to do the driving. This has made the day even more exciting to discover the reasons for and why so many. StillsWater could not recall any plans or reason for going anyplace until an unconscious flash suggestion, inspired her to go for a ride along the beach, and take a walk in the sand to think things out. Yes, a light trance guardian must have taken control and became the actual driving consciousness, considering her lack of awareness. It has been a long time since I experienced channeling mediumship; which has includes on different occasion spiritual trance consciousness, directing a personal drive, for secret spiritual reasons.

[A time when a guardian takes over ones conscious awareness, but then the question is the guardian spirit actually the driver or both conscious spirit and spiritual being the drivers.]

Strange truth, for StillsWater cannot confirm prior awareness of spiritual trance work, experiencing trance mediumship channeling, or taking unconscious spirit journeys, until . . . until one scared day and the moment she hears Grandfather EagleHawk and his mates’ singing their greeting songs, did her spirit return, returning control of her car over to her, yet not before, to ensure she continues on her soon to be realized important spiritual journey. Why else would this have guided her to our mountain cabin?

Driving in the high desert, across desert sand, appeared to her beach sand, yet she failed to notice, realize, and/or recognize desert sands from beach sand; thus this gave her the sensation of driving along the beach. The first five miles from highway to our gate across sandy/rocky washboard road, yet nothing awoke her on her unique journey from leaving her driveway, to our sandy not beach road.

Regardless, more than a two-hour drive passes, until she is allowed to regain awareness of her surroundings and realizes her car is making a dog-leg turn through our lower gate, up the road to us. This event proves rather mindboggling, with a thousand questions zooming across her brains, but leaving StillsWater grateful she is alive and not dead . . . Maybe? Now this we recognize the combination thereof is spiritual proof, from the arrival of StillsWater, combined with the arrival of those who felt drawn to our mountain with Chief Lionel Allrunner on this day, we sensed something very spiritual is going to happen, but what. Yes, she/we fully acknowledged there are spiritual reasons, bringing us together, which wanted to remain unclear. Even when we assumed we knew the answer, we felt reality evading our awareness. Next question what is everyone’s connection to here to each other, and why the urge to follow—guardian guidance—to visit this mountain, at this time?

Wolves Awareness Acknowledges

Thus, now there are sixteen plus two people standing around with limitless question, wanting answers, while we attempt analyzing possibilities; thus we compiled more questions than answers. SunHawk, Allrunner, StillsWater and I listened why each one confirm he/she received the same strong resolve of overpowering spiritual instructions and insightful visions to join Chief Allrunner and spiritual friends to witness very sacred events on a certain mountain. Lionel knows the day and place all are to congregate. Our personal analyses’ continues maybe twenty extra minutes until . . . until our perception discovers even more unexpected visitors requesting our attention: At first when their songs failed to attract the attention of eighteen life forms within this mountain’s sacred circle of blessed land and Mother Earth’s unique energies, they requested the wolves’ participation.

Okay for several days in various ways SunHawk and I felt passionate spiritual pulls: while without any reasons or explanations to why, I received instructions to prepare on Friday an early evening meal with frybeard, we could receive many guest to complete a quest. One’s traditional telephone on the mountain helped one develop ones psychic communicative abilities, skills ranged from cultural awareness, and telepathic spiritual communications. Wonderful place to communicate with the Sacred Ones, develop ones unique abilities, personal spiritual lifestyle, and ones wondrous closeness to and with Mother Earth, our Sacred Eternal Father who is Life and Light Eternal, the, Great Spirit, High Council of Chiefs and Elders,, and ones interactive with OUR Sacred Universe.

Living a more spiritual Life, cultural and traditional life, while receiving training sacred awakening lessons from Mother Earth, Nature, and the Sacred Ones.  Life unique . . . we had no telephone, electricity, running water, or gas. We had artesian water well, propane to cook with and a wood stove to heat the cabin, however we had a communicating with nature silence, strong sacred spiritual environment, inspired a wonderful life development growth in understanding. Then I developed the opening of my third eye and I began to see through the eyes of some of my wolves, the Great Horn Owls, Grandfather EagleHawk, and others on the mountain.

Our awakened abilities provided us with skills and abilities to communicate with and enjoy our daily conversations with the Mother Earth and her children. What a great comfort, Mother Earth gave us to communicate with our wolves not only talked wolf, but some of them actually had the ability to speak in human words, but only when SunHawk and I were around, they did not share this with everyone and they knew I respected their communicative abilities, not to reveal their abilities. However, this day they seemed to have a hard time getting me to listen to them, or Grandfather EagleHawk.

Humans Listen:

Around 1400 hours we noticed our wolves’ silent respectful behavior, combined with rare spiritual behavior from the other four-legs, deer, squirrels, chipmunks, mountain lions, coyotes, and many others who somehow came visiting this day to our mountain;. Behavior of all gave us an important clue, to sacred changes and energy in our environment. Then we were only paying conscious attention on one level to while pursuing spiritual answers to what is causing their strange behavior.

Surrounded by and/or observing forty-eight wolves and hybrids who earned their freedom, quickly reveal traditional behavior, by standing together, at the four points of the four-directions, standing on the outside of an invisible circle, activated queries? Who can believe forty-eight wolves standing, in equal numbers of twelve, at each point of the four-cardinal points—north, south, east and west—defining the circles four-directions? It mattered, not where the remaining twenty stood, (in kennels or on chains), all in unison sing their highest of honors, honoring songs. The songs are offer up in respectful and honorable style—filled with honest acceptance and spiritual love.

[Heads bowed, in a sacred manner with front legs extended and heads between their legs, on the ground, with back ends high in the air. The sacred bow is not only the wolves and hybrids, way to but also the way of all four-legged ones to offer an honorable gift of acceptance and sacred greetings to all the Sacred Ones within the sacred circle of eternal light. This they will also do to show respect and honor to others.]

Ones need to know wolves’ unique deep rooted spiritual behavior and their infinite connection to the Sacred Ones within Mother Earth’s spiritual universe. They are teachers and universal spirit guides, in combination with passionate hearts filled with love; which is one of many countless conditions to learn survive together. Once that is accomplished one begins to understand, their unique high levels of spiritual awareness. Along with their interactive family and tribal life then one can share and accept and share greater acknowledgement, of compassion, respect, spiritual love, and blessings of the Sacred Ones and family, one is as important to their lifestyle as the other. They seem to have the ability to walk in both realms not just this one.

[Spiritual truth: Many times we observed angels visiting the wolves individually or the wolves sitting around in a sacred crescent moon manner. In human terms when one has such abilities people would call them saintly, a saint, and/or highly spiritual. Their unique social order I enjoyed, along with their family and social structure; which we the humans would do well to learn from and not fear.
When one walks with wolves they walk in peace with spiritual awareness, which provides us with one of their skills then we can see truths and not rush to judgment or travel in destructive manners, but we walk in the light of spiritual enlightenment.]

Sacred Gathering

Beautiful to see how each pair reminded within the boundaries of the sacred eternal light, and how their flight patterns flared out, and accented the flaring of the Sacred Eternal Light. [To help everyone have a better visual comprehension, and understand the individual positions of the different pairs; level of importance is reflected position, along with level of communications, and power, Starting from the Holiest of Holy, aka Sacred WhiteEagle, and their ranking is as follows:

Sacred Father WhiteEagle

Grandfather EagleHawk with his two-companions

Golden Eagle and Red Hawk

Below the four sacred ones, flew others honored male and female mates the Sacred White Eagle brought from his realm or summonsed to visit and honor all the Indigenous Native visitors he had summonsed to our mountain.

Golden Eagles

Spotted Eagles

Black Eagles


Stellar Sea Eagles

California Condors

Golden Eagle-Hawks

Harpy Eagles

Black Hawks

Harris Hawks

White Hawks

Red Hawks

Gray Hawks

Red-tail Hawks

Cooper Hawks

Ravens 2 pairs

All of the above winged-ones I stated . . . stayed within the sacred energy circle of the Sacred Father’s pure eternal light of enlightenment, a place where we realized we are allowed to share a connection to both realms. For StillsWater and me it was a very powerful link providing awareness standing in both realms minus the veil, allowing connection with the Sacred Ones. Very obvious to all present we were receiving sacred blessings and honors by the Sacred Father WhiteEagle. No one else did he allow to penetrate within his Sacred Light. Amazing when we discovered the power of this light: which appears pure energy, when in truth; it is a hundred times more powerful and protective.

Circling on the outside of the circle were four Raven guards, four guards sitting in our cedar tree, and the very powerful Great Horn Owls took their position in the cottonwood tree to make sure no one unexpected wanted to visit of the two-legged versions. A couple of crows tried to enter the circle, and that is when I realized the power of the sacred light energy. WE noticed they seemed to be hitting a barrier: which blocked them from entering the circle of sacred light and blessings.

Nevertheless, a small murder of twelve crows arrived determined to break through the barrier with a determination to either attend or disrupt the event; the Sacred Guardians and Sacred WhiteEagle had different plans, they called to the four-guardian warrior Ravens, standing guard in the trees, to drive crows off. (Ceremony on hold) Ravens challenged and the murder headed off up the canyon screaming. But not until the Ravens returned, did they continue their ceremony and sharing knowledge.

The Ravens return brought me an even greater surprise via telepathic communication, regarding secrets revealed to all currently present on this mountain, and to all in a ceremony with Chief Allrunner. Yes, we could hear both the sacred songs and voices of the eagles and hawks, but even within the songs, we all heard our sacred individual languages at the same time.  Standard English, Cheyenne, Sioux, Pima, Pueblo, and Apache are among the individualize tongues, spoken at the same moment on conscious and subconscious level, received and comprehended.  I am not sure how I felt to learn information they learned prior to this day, from my Sacred Father and other Sacred Ones. Knowledge I had not spoken of, not even to SunHawk. Secrets, in the eyes of the Sacred Ones I assumed could stay hidden . . . . But in their time … all things are made known.

Vision enlightenment in holographic details refers to a sacred visitation sitting with Sacred Father, in a sacred meeting place, by the eternal flame, telling me to tell those that doubt me to come speak with him and he would reveal the truth to them, if they have the courage. . . . . A visual presentation of Chief Allrunner in a ceremony followed by the impressions . . . Red Sun; you speak with Chief Allrunner.

Sacred Father White Eagle (male voice) gifts means all life forms on this mountain, he blesses, but be ready for many changes are ready, some subtle, some taking one into a new direction. Prayers asked, answers given, questions answered, received no answers, answers supplied but lack questions, numerous answers waiting for questions in the future.  It matters not, because the appearance of the Sacred Father White Eagle, signals changes and spiritual journeys, new adventures and new roads to travel.

His spiritual embrace combined with his sacred love flows within, touching the essence of my existence, and empowers me with a renewal of strength and awareness. Hard to explain how or why except it does happen, spirits touch, spiritual transceivers awaken unique abilities. A source that supports the acceptance of telepathic energies, awareness, enlightenment, and eternal blessings; which instantly intensifies, enriches, and enhances sacred spiritual oneness and knowledge.

During the hour of our sacred visitors, we witnessed, the majority of the four-legged elders remained in their honoring positions. All the winged ones the Sacred White Eagle Father summonsed or arrived with him remained within the sacred circle of eternal light, below Sacred White Eagle; the entire time. WE (one-and-all) guest on this sacred spiritual mountain; along with the sixteen visitors summonsed to experience amazing lessons this day. A day of spiritual love and respect: the winged ones greeted and honored all on the ground; while the four-legged show spiritual love filled with blessings after they honor in the sacred winged ones. WE the humans receive their most sacred of enlightenment and blessings, from the Sacred White Eagle, Grandfather EagleHawk and mates, which the rest of the Sacred Winged One sang couple by couple their made spiritual connection, via their sacred songs, before we could offer our blessings, true.

Silence Life Journey Choreographed

Silence requires attention to witness long-term choreographed spiritual life changes to awaken exciting ancient sacred spirituality: but only if eighteen humans, turn off their continual chat . . . chat . . . chat . . . various tones and volumes. Words compiling questions filled with ideas ranging from emotional to technological to spiritual possibilities, however, we lacked environmental awareness. Mouths and minds far too busy seeking answers, to hear, see, listen, activate sense sensory observation and accept any form of telepathic communication. Lacking consciousness to external environment equals losing awareness of life:  brains holding to many questions marks, blinds eyes, blocks ears, closing conscious reception, which contributes to dwindling sensory abilities. Thus we contributed to our own sensory failure to hear the CALLING . . . . Until someone among us shouts out, “LISTEN do not you hear or recognize the sacredness of the beautiful songs calling out above us.”

From my grandmother I hear: “Finally, why is it these humans, are the last creatures accept their senses and awaken to reality, these humans have the ability to change from mortal to spiritual—and listen. If not for the wolves . . .”

Yes, grandmother, thanks to the wolves’ behavior, and greeting songs, their awareness helped ensure our awareness, and their guidance help connect every creature and human, meant to receive sacred blessings. When one is connected to the wolves one can understand their sacred voices. Hear the Sacred Ones listen of their holiest of songs, singing out in concert providing blessings and gifts, to all across our mountain. The wolves’ singing lead all to acknowledge even more lovely spiritual energy coming from songs sung by the sacred winged ones. Songs link all together with unique oneness of universal, traditional, and spiritual awareness: which allows us to share, connect, and benefit in unison with an array of spiritual existence: souls/spirits, conscious, subconscious, intellects, and eternal spirits.

Voices stop, consciousness opens, which then allow ears, heart, and spirits, to listen to the magnificent medley of songs; in combination with absorption of sound and songs, spirit and eyes witness the magnificent family of winged ones inviting all entities to pay attention this day: on behalf of an unbelievably rare spiritual gathering of Eagles, Hawks, and Ravens, joined by a unique mated pair of spiritual guardians, who lived with us, as well, Great Horn Owls, (teachers, observers, and guardians of family and new born wolf cubs).

The two Great Horn Owls and I had meet couple of days prior to my discovery of Mother Black Bear and her two cubs, in the water fishing. This happens to be the season Buck Ten Bears (our only 90 % Alaskan Timber Wolf) decided to take a journey, and/or got lost. The reality depends on ones humans say he was lost; visions implied an adventure; guardians foresaw and  revealed in a vision the, the day he was born, before his first year, he would take us on spiritual journey; if you have faith you will find him and much more. You will have a coyotes allowing you see through their eye; which will allow you track Buck the combination thereof will taking you on spiritual journeys. IN the eyes of the spiritual guardians and teachers, we had been sent on an adventure of spiritual discovery, at time to learn about people, nature, and environment.

Thus the Big Horn Owls had observed us from time to time in our canyon, but not until I spoke with them and Mother Black Bear did they decided, to move to safer place and to live with me. Strange how the first time we spoke they called me little Mother of the People, and spiritual medicine woman. When we learned Mother Bear had been shot and wounded, while her cubs they killed and took their gallbladders, hearts, and livers.

The owls found Mother Black Bear; she was wounded in five places leaving her close to death. The owls guided her to our cabin, where the wolves cleansed her wounds, protected her, brought her food, and in general took care of her, until she was able to hunt with the wolves. Mother Black Bear allowed me to get close to her and take care of getting the bullets out, I was the vet pro tem, since the supervisor/vet did not want to tranquilizer her every time she need examinations, injections and wounds inspected, besides the wolves would not allow her close to their friend. Okay it was safer and cheaper; which then made everyone, incuding the supervisor happier. If he had found mother bear, because of events, her behavior towards men, in the mountains, and no one to care for her, they would have killed wounded her, on the spot. Okay our interesting journey, the guardian owls, and wolves became her sacred miracle, spiritual gift and significant survival factor. One of many lessons and friendships created, but there were other factors I discovered about people and their opinions of “injuns” but I could not bow to their misunderstanding.

Daily I sang prayers on the land blessing the land and asking the land and all who visit be honored and blessed in a sacred way, in this way sacred prayers contributed to peace and friendship, a place where one can discovery peace and happiness. Yes, the sacred children came and when humans visited us, they too, enjoyed the sacred environment around our cabin. Each ones sacred presence; enlightens countless lives, with spiritual love, spiritual energy, and sacred universal energizing physics engulfing earth, air, and water, and within their sacred radius of universal quantum physics unique influences. Although we are not really aware, our eternal spirit is receptive, and in this way all are cleaned, along with the land so we can communicate with the Sacred Ones and our vibrational rates are brought together in harmony. Each morning and each evening all the sacred children, big and small sang their blessing songs and send out their prayers to bless all and the land.

This day all the winged ones arrived in mated pairs. Okay, not all there is four exceptions: Sacred Father White Eagle arrived alone, and Grandfather EagleHawk, (aka Red Sun, guardian, protector, and teacher), arrived with his two mates of one eagle and the other a hawk. However, we experienced universal physics combined with a variety of quantum physics influences, universal love, connected with spiritual blessings.

Honest reality, while talking to StillsWater, we could hear the voice of Grandfather EagleHawk, accompanied by the songs of more eagles and hawks, we concluded were his mates and maybe a few others that come around from time to time. The power and beauty of their songs we mentally salute acknowledged, but I had grown use to their beautiful medleys’, thus I failed to respond to the ones singing their songs above. Until, circumstances changed and challenged my spirit after one special song rang-out with astonishing clarity, awakening memories, and recalling a very important time on a different mountain involving the hour of my presentation to the Sacred Ones and naming ceremony. The sacred ceremonial place on the mountain where I received my name: interesting how I received my name by whom, since it was given to the medicine man by this Sacred White Eagle within the Sacred White Light Eternal, along with four Sacred Ones from the Sacred Highest of High Council of Archangel Chiefs.

LISTEN TO ME RED SUN, CONSCIOUSNESS AWAKEN, MY DAUGHTER HEAR ME. Ears hear, consciousness responds and awakens.

Answering the one who scolds me; “Okay, I am listening; I am paying attention . . . . FATHER”

Yes, my FATHER I see . . . maybe words spoken from spirit recognition, captured attention  . . . the moment spirit reacts to . . . Sacred White Eagle’s voice. A spirit voice;  which is more than an eagle with a song, but one with the power to open up memories, project thoughts, heal lands, and help one recall sacred events long buried and/or long forgotten. Connecting and reliving our past and present, sharing many positive, powerful and sacred times together . . .  Sacred Eternal White Eagle of Love, Light, and Life Eternal the one who is more than he appears. His songs and voice, I have not forgotten or heard since the hour of his visit just before dawn. IN the moment, It is hard to say if I have seen form him since his original coming and visitation, his transformation from within Sacred White Light Eternal into Sacred White Eagle. He transformed on consecrated earth; he delivered his sacred presentations and blessings, to the child he honored with the name RED SUN before . . . . He returned to the sacred ceremonial mound, transformed and returned from hind he came some forty-three or so years earlier.

Calling out to answer his call, I look in the direction the wolves’ eyes directed, maybe I was the one that called out “Listen do you not hear and recognize the sacredness of the beautiful songs calling out above us.” Spirit heart and eyes connect and spirit is alive with knowingness. Amazing how the winged ones, the wolves, and other creatures, continued to remain in their original honoring positions. They which honor the Sacred White Eagle Father and Grandfather EagleHawk feared no harm or danger in their presences. Grandfather EagleHawk is Red Sun’s sacred guardian and teacher, appointed by the Sacred Father; since we came together and our spirits sailed together over and around the Sacred Heart of Mother Earth—Yellowstone and Grand Teton area.

The purity of songs, filled with sacred spiritual energy, touches the entire essence of every entity, wolf/hybrids, and an array of creatures that live around our mountain sanctuary. The Sacred Father White Eagle asks a question, Red Sun, my child, do you remember events and life around here prior to and after you sang your sacred song and asked we bless and accept forty times five acres around your cabin for a sacred spiritual sanctuary, an area of land designated: sacred land of peace, harmony, safety, and protection for this land you decreed a spiritual sanctuary.

I do remember the replies received: The spirit of the land (Nature, Mother Earth and the sacred children including the coyotes) accepted your love and choice to welcome and bless you one and all, including your four-legged family.

Yes, Father, what you say is true, and in truth, I can say their blessings proved beneficial, especially when it came to teaching us how to love life, the beauty and energy of the land, listen to and live with and on Mother Earth not in the land. They help us and me to experience, many of the sacred teachings our people understood while experiencing many of life lessons our ancestors knew and experienced. In time I have come to value my sacred connection with natures’ guardians, her lands’ energies and sacred spiritual knowledge.

Once I learned to recognize and understand personal needs, purpose and reason to connect with Nature’s children and connect with the uniqueness of her spirit. It is important to experience what the smallest of creatures have to teach. If one always lives in the city, it is close to Impossible for one to say they understand the damage cities and people are doing to Mother Earth and our entire universe. They care not if there are things, they can do to help safe guard destruction and save our entire universe or how they can honor nature and receive her blessings.

Messenger Acknowledges Ancients:

Consciousness realizes we are receiving clues from one of the Highest of High Honored Ancients the Sacred White Eagle: Who now validates the ancients’ sacred truths given to our ancestors; which once more becomes a sacred gift of enlightenment to his representatives to share with all nations. The knowledge shared with and known by ancestors, across countless generations of ancient wisdom-keepers and spiritual elders, suddenly comes alive, above this mountain. Ancient wisdom, which the sacred ones either passed down or our ancestors experienced, we are experiencing now and we realize what our ancestors shared, is truths; we need to accept the wisdom we are the honored ones, this day. The hour of this sacred gathering, delivers clues, answers, spiritual knowledge, and higher levels of awareness to all: Chiefs, medicine elders, spiritual leaders, SunHawk, StillsWater, and Red Sun, in addition to the ones in training. Yes, all presence receive unexpected presentations, combined with visions, and life lessons; which all can share and know the words they speak are honest and sacred.

Sacred truths and ancient skills never ceased to amaze me when one is touched they require no further explanations. Spirit guides/guardians spoke to current hearts and minds: while the Sacred Ones embraces ones total begin with the purpose to directing all to join this unexpected gathering . . . is no longer an issue.

Sacred White Eagle’s planned and choreographed this spiritual gathering and his sacred ceremony; which he meant for his presentation of Red Sun and let it be known he supply’s his support and sacred awareness. All present either seen or unseen turns individual lives into various combinations of unique enlightenment and spiritual evolution.  Validating messages filled with sacred dedications, directives, and individualized journeys. Each individual recognize he/her own guardian’s touch, transmissions, communications, combined with countless other telepathic receptions. Sacredness of the Holiest of the Holy’s abilities (in any form), allows all to receive his/her individualized communications in his/her own traditional language, connecting with receptive abilities, or his/her native language(s) each one comprehends.

Beyond individual expectations of our unique gatherings and ceremonies, many more surprises are still to come, just because, we appear to depart, our children we have more to share beyond this day with each individual.  In time you will realize the honors you have received through our sacred visitations; increased connection with universal energy and within we deliver many gifts filled with perpetual blessings, coupled with lessons from teachers’ ancient communications abilities … to help reveal truths across many traditional cultures and generations.

Listening to the words and looking at HE who, I had not seen, in many years strong chills come over me and I quickly speak out: “Is it time for me to return home with you? Why now Father, what is your reason for your appearance, here now after forty-three or so years? What have I done wrong, for you to come and tell me to prepare? It is my time to return home so soon? Years void of your sacred spiritual appearances and songs, other than connection with Grandfather EagleHawk. Can I learn your reasons for returning? Why . . . what does this mean, beyond great changes, I realize many changes, are about to begin, and many things are in store; and YES, I realize my time on this mountain will soon end. You say the lives of some here you will soon summons home. WHY are their lives so critical to stand with you and with the Honorable High Council of Chiefs?”

Ones ability to comprehend ones inner-knowingness can strengthen awareness and help make one strong; such becomes the case when my inner-knowingness acknowledges Sacred White Eagle Father: Come my daughter and grandchild; join me within this sacred circle. It is good, this time you can see and experience what is critical for us to share, one-to-one and together, along with your guardian Grandfather EagleHawk and his mates.

Baffled StillsWater’s not sure if it is her conscious, subconscious, or eternal spirit asks: “Sacred Elders, I cannot understand why, but I realize the importance, thus Mom and I accept instruction to remain standing inside this sacred light, within the hallowed circle. This is not the first time I have been asked to stand within a circle of sacred light, and I received a healing then.”

StillsWater, curious looks comes across loud and my touches my subconsciousness—what are these strange things you have gotten me into now …. Nevertheless, her questions did not last too long, once she experienced spiritual enlightenment filling with strong spiritual energy: Energy working on internal and external levels for purification/cleansing: emotional and psychological, physical and spiritual healing, along with complete rapid spiritual enlightenment. During her time within the Sacred Father’s, sacred circle she was able to experience his exceedingly powerful combination of quantum physics, universal energy and spiritual energy. The light that saved her live in the explosion, which could have taken a good portion of our neighborhood out with she was not yet eleven years of age. Powerful in one way and gentle in another, it is a force field, with sacred abilities to teach, purify, awaken and guide.

Although, this day had many plans beyond showcasing mother and daughter; the journey to the mountain feels scripted and choreographed, okay so it is an interactive spiritual program where each person witnesses visitation from visitors combined with visions, insight, and answers, this day touched each person, who accepted the Sacred Ones invitation to attend this Sacred White Eagle Ceremonial gathering on our mountain, will not go away empty or lacking in another chapter in their sacred adventures. However, the choreographed invitation surprised Red Sun and StillsWater; we honored a request to move to . . . a certain position before we recognize the visitors, above and we had entered into the designated position within the eternal white light, sacred circle, this day. None, whose feet touched the ground, received permission to stand closer than where the wolves stood about five feet. We became the only two without wings, whose feet walk on Mother Earth, engulfed within the Sacred White Eagle’s, purest of purifying sacred white light.

Standing within and/or around the outer circle, each one receives flash visions; which reveal individualize direction for ones sacred life journeys, from primary  directives, to prime objectives; forecasting certain things ahead of each one this day, in truth, all received blessings and great honors. Higher knowledge, sacred spiritual gifts, visions, intuition, and wondrous truths fill individuals with even greater rewards of enlightenment than one dared to dream. In truth of reality; the power of the sacred lights we stood inside; (reacted in the same manner most would consider) one powerful force field.

Happy Heart

WOW, now others can witness what I have witnessed in time past, and know what I have spoken is truth. Happy heart this day, now, every person present sees the Highest of the Most Highest Sacred White Eagle, the same one who visited and honored me with his presence and my name during my presentation/naming ceremony. Opening ceremony, held skywards on the hands of medicine man, to allow the Four Sacred Guardian Chiefs bigger than planets; with comforting smiles observe us. Each one is wearing a different bonnet which related their tribal and universal title and position. At the close of the medicine man’s third song with me in the air, I hear the voice of an eagle singing out, but the only thing visible a brilliant Sacred Light from above the Chiefs streaking towards us and he continues his sacred eagle songs. Mazing abilities and greetings the instant the light touches down on the ceremonial mound more than a light but a Sacred Energy of Eternal Light; which transforms into a Sacred White Eagle.

This day they can hear the Sacred Eagle singing his song, from within the sacred heart of HIS universal energy. The Sacred White Eagle brings forth amazing energy during his visitation combined with presentation of Sacred Elders, and all who appear empowered with the sacred ability to shape-shift? I see them within his sacred light eternal, causing me to ask from where they come, or are they connected to the Sacred High Council; which translates into transforming shape shifters, similar to Grandfather EagleHawk and his partners.

My heart stops in happiness for what felt akin to minutes, but maybe only seconds. This all happens the exact moment, everyone looks up, into the sacred light radiating from above or from within the sacred realm. And they recognize the one and only Sacred Father White Eagle calling out and circling at the extreme top; inside his brilliant display of vivid dancing crystal white light. Yet, inside and within the sacred light are wondrous universally flakes of crystals, reflecting sacred energy and powers of hallowed colors, from the highest of the high spiritual realms, transmitting the most hallowed elements of pure consecrated energy.

In the sacred realm, one can see organization by the position of the Spiritual Elders under the Sacred Father. Just under him, Grandfather EagleHawk with his two partners, following him, inside this sacred energy of eternal light and traveling in a clockwise direction. Beneath these four sacred ones, we witness numerous sanctified mated pairs of winged one. Each pair travels according to their assigned positions within the Sacred Light.

The light penetrates from where above the clouds a great distance over top of the Sacred Great White Eagle, we can easily recognize the intense, vivid lights, comes not from the yellow sun, but belongs to the Sacred Father’s Universe of Sacred Eternal Sun Light and Life of Energy Eternal. The sacred realm’s eternal energy has the ability to touch the ground, enrich and bless all within its sacred energy field.

Sadly, this day the light does not allow physical forms, other than StillsWater, (the eldest daughter to SunHawk and Red Sun), and Red Sun to touch or stand within the eternal light. After we recognize and acknowledge our sacred spiritual visitors, stay close to an hour for a number of reasons: which permitted each person to receive personal information, and individualized spiritual data, regarding personal spiritual journeys, in addition, we receive all they want to provide and share. Individuals received sacred messages to share with others, in addition to spiritual guidance. In the same manner and positions, we were when the winged ones arrived; WE also stayed fixed to our individual positions, in silence listening to the countless messages, sung in songs; which filled us with sacred love and knowledge, besides.

This, too, manifested magnificent teepee of sacred spirit light spreads out to blanket and touch one-half acre, along with a portion of our cabin, on our mountainside. Yet, the eternal light of purification, moves and expands to embrace StillsWater and Red Sun, while blocking SunHawk, Chief Allrunner, and all others, he summoned to witness the power of his sacred choreographed day. Sensory perception recognized the barrier: purpose is to prevent darkness from seeing or entering, within the Sacred Light. For reason not given it also keep all others, outside the sacred light.

Different, and interesting, how this light easily penetrates straight into our cabin touching only my sleeping area on my side of the bed and bedroom. We can easily observe this event, considering our bed sits in front of a large plate-glass window. [[Need to be repositioned in a different section.]]

Mountain Journey

My conscious mine begins analyzing: Interesting, how this becomes a wonderful journey of amazing experiences allowing each to receive and gain unique knowledge. Each one never expected to gain unique—individualized—spiritual life adventures on this mountain; this day for each our spirit memories awakes and quickly recall sacred events. Flash visions combined with memory, recalls and awaken sacred spiritual activities and teachings. I asked the Sacred Ones, for individualized sacred blessings and guidance, enriching spirits and lives with sacred awareness answers. This encounter awakens countless months of compiled connections with Grandfather EagleHawk, long before I painted his image on our lodge.

Truth, my first encountered with Grandfather EagleHawk and family happened in Yellowstone, when I was only maybe three or four years: and they began my life lessons by allowing Red Sun to take a long spirit flight with him and is family (one eagle and one hawk), through the mountain canyons of Yellowstone. My month adventure in Yellowstone with all the sacred ones and Grandmother M began my sacred journey; which proved the most important and valuable course for into spiritual awakenings and cleansing; the Sacred Ones and Grandmother M required my attendance in the Sacred Heart of Mother Earth, it was through their gifts and communications they awaken the truth for Red Sun to learn about her sacred Indigenous birthright connection, their teachings and words I realized . . . Absolute Sacred TRUTHS. They summonsed a child to awaken her true persona and make her aware of the importance of her sacred spiritual journey; which certain others wanted to hide from her. This journey provided the child with introduction to many of her sacred guardians and teachers; Yellowstone our journey combined spiritual communications with amazing guardians and guidance, establishing visions incorporated with spiritual communications, spiritual physics, awareness, and universal connection, regarding life’s prime directive.  Then over the years Grandfather EagleHawk, our communications and spiritual connections we have shared and experienced together have been wonderful and too numerous to count.

When we lived in the city, it was you who kept asking; what are you going to do when the power goes out? Now I understand why, here is where the power went out; and neither spiritual life communications nor lessons could be activated with the interference of electrical power, airwave transmissions, massive mental/emotional transmissions, collective telepathic interference and influences. Even here I recognize various telepathic, energies, airwave electrons, from televisions and radio electronics, and airwaves from telephone and power lines, which certain times of the day cause cross currents, and telecommunication interferes with life forms, including spiritual physics, universal/quantum physics. It became necessary our spirits became thoroughly cleansed of all unnecessary energies and thought-forms, not only, for better mental reception, but it was important to recognize all influences on spiritual, physical, psychological and mental conditioning and what is happening to Mother Earth and her children.

From one mountain top to one major mountain range to yet another mountain . . . interesting how mountains are very important factors in all of this. . . .YES, Sacred Guardians and Elders, I remember, we accepted the summons from two VIP elders and guardians—Sacred White Eagle and Grandfather EagleHawk. We moved in here after you both demonstrated determination, psychic perception recognized the various plans in combination with how you plotted for us to come to this mountain and live in this cabin, no exception. In truth, visions directed we follow Sacred Father White Eagle decrees, especially after the overwhelming suggestions we make preparations, for when the power to goes out, this push begun several years earlier. Yes, Grandfather EagleHawk has come and gone in my life since our first Yellowstone visitation encounter, where I can see him in life form, but never so far as not to be there to help watch after and protect the family of and Red Sun along with SunHawk .

Even more interesting, no matter how hard we tried not to answer the call, we had to accept and take the Sacred Ones planned journey and answer their call to live on this mountain, in this cabin; and bless all who visits this land, we received sacred blessings and the land around us also received sacred blessings and cleansing. The first day we moved in and Grandfather EagleHawk summons the wolves to bring me before him; among other things, I discovered in the eyes of the Ancient Elders this posting is SunHawk’s, last stopover on his current earthly journey. For us this became the Elders time to challenge and prepare us for his completion of his countless spiritual experiences and life teachings, while my lessons they amplified and accelerated daily.

I learned this mountain area, you and the elders, calculated conditions for teaching Red Sun’s the reasons for suffering for the people, in addition to continuation of life lessons, and re-learn spiritual communication with nature; combined with Sacred Ones teaching universal insight into spiritual awakenings. During which time, all my teachers have required me to undertake many different spiritual journeys; and receive many sacred universal and spiritual visitations; taking me on spirit walks to meet with biological relations and Guardian/Grandfather Tall Walking Standing Silver WhiteBear.

Sacredness of Grandfather EagleHawk he is a sacred and powerful transition guardian, one that can travel between realms, at will; he also enjoys his special brand of teaching and teasing; in truth, he turns our sacred journey and lessons into interesting his time of empowerment, with humor he teaches the one he calls “Little” Red Sun Sacred Mother of the Peoples’. (He is taller than I am when he stands beside me by a few inches.) His amazing spiritual life lessons; is a combination of many different elements, which might include teleportation, or interesting spirit walks, while enjoying many spiritual journeys, in all matters he is the voice of wisdom; which he uses often, when he guides, awakens, and demonstrate numerous concepts and interaction. He never decrees this is the way it is and only this way, he provided environments for discovery, analysis, and summarize, and then he gives one room to theorize before decisions.  Then sometime later will receive the Sacred Elders answer.

Red Sun, here is your time to gain knowledge and understanding into the sacred powers of Mother Earth; here your eternal spirits will receive time to awaken and/or re-awaken spiritual life connections; we will increase enrichment of lessons; you will get to know the sacred voice and wisdom of the wolves, the small creatures and children of the mountain, each can take you across the universe in unique ways. In sacred truth, they too will prove to be wonderful teachers and guides.

The first evening we moved in, after Grandfather EagleHawk let me know the Sacred Father sent me here to teach me, we decided to head off to bed early, and get some much needed rest. Nature’s children decided to follow Grandfather EagleHawk’s instruction challenge humans, question conditions, and comprehend the humans’ intent. This night begins with no sleep, which this had become very important for all of us, if we were going to get along, if they stopped challenging, they filled our environment with several hundred thoughts and/or more questions, expressing their personal opinions and viewpoints.

IN truth, we (wolves, humans, all of nature’s children and Mother Earth) needed to get familiar with each other, thus holding to grandfather’s awareness plot for Red Sun, his activated first spiritual nature life education, along with their behavior meant to keep me awake all night. Yes, even in the distance I heard, recognized and comprehended all their conversations among themselves throughout the night. Not for many years, have I been able to fully comprehend the sacred voices of nature’s children; which became very strange and exciting to me, since I could comprehend this night each and every creatures from four legged to the winged-ones including opinions, challenges and questions. Time to analysis my choices and what could happen, if I failed to respond and my options if I chose to respond and what I wanted to happen.

The first morning of the second day, around early sun light, few voices remained, when I decided to head out and communicate with those that set-up a challenge during the night. Just a half mile down the road before our cabin, sits a huge boulder; which overlooks the valley for countless miles, is the one I received instructions to climbed and follow instructions: however, the boulder grandfather instructed me to use, speak with the animals, meditate, and communicate with the elders. From the boulder SunHawk was able to watch me in case of any problems. Interesting how the area one tenth of a mile below the boulder was high desert, and our cabin sat in a valley surrounded by mountain ridges except for an opening; which ran beside the from the high desert floor, to our cabin in the valley. Our cabin just happened to be built just inside the altitude of the mountains tree line. After my meditation and before I sang my song, I announced our intent and desire for peaceful harmony, and sacred love for all that enters this area.

Grandfather EagleHawk, if I be a Sacred Mother of the People; which means a sacred guardian of all life, which gives me the right to declare this land and forty plus, forty plus, and more acres a sanctuary, extending out and encompassing this land’s acreage in all directions, Our sanctuary is for all of Mother Nature’s children, for all are now under our protection and protection of the Sacred Mother and Mother Earth… May all that come here come in peace and in love, may all receive sacred blessed and kindness. May this land be free of negativity, no liquor allowed, no drugs and no killing permitted here the land of my sanctuary?

I used not the language or the tongues of the English speaking nations, instead all the prayers and words of heart and spirit translated into the voice and spirit of the nature’s mountain; which means I sang and spoke in the voice and language of the wolf. I asked for blessings, peace, sacred spiritual love, protection, and sacred harmony; with the songs of the wolves, in combination this land will no one know violence or do harm, with the songs, my spirit heart transmitted universal colors of blessings and harmonics.

Song of spirit and heart: All who come here, or live within, on or with this land, walk over/on, or within, including all who fly above or visit the lands surrounding the small portion of land and life, will respect this place their sanctuary, too. It is important to keep the energy of these lands, sacred and pure. My request and invitation includes all and everyone, no matter who or whom, with one exception; if anyone comes here to do harm they will receive my wrath, and I know how to shot. The answer came from far and wide, the valley came alive and all send their leaders and spiritual advisers to accept this place their/our sanctuary. The last question I asked who accepted this place a safe haven and sanctuary.

Upon completion of songs and prayers, I waited to see what would happen. Amazing to see how many hidden small creatures and guardians, who lived around here, in, on, over and around the area? Hundreds came out, each family unit revealed their presence, when it was their time to speak and accept us and the wolves, after the wolves accepted them; all agreed to my request and the land became every ones’ safe haven and sanctuary. Our cabin became the heart of one-hundred and twenty areas of peace within the boundaries of the sanctuary, a place where no one would can do harm to another, however outside the boundaries a different story.

It took more than an hour for everyone to come out and answer, all agreed to my request, except the rattlesnakes and they refused. Yes, this day Grandfather EagleHawk answered for the Sacred Ones and confirmed no winged ones would harm anyone, with this mountain’s blessed sanctuary, either. After everyone answered the children I brought to this mountain, agreed, accepted and send honor to all who accepted in love. All the sacred wolves and hybrids, I brought to the mountain also accepted and agreed to give protection and sanctuary to any that come to them and they promised all of their children and grandchildren will also honor their words.  This became a place where mountain lions, wolves and deer, laid down side-by-side and slept together and the wolves worked to heal those in need.

[[Couple of quick facts, the first hour of the first day, I arrived on this mountain, to live in the cabin, Grandfather EagleHawk, summonsed the hybrids to bring me to him, in an area down the mountain, where no one could observe our communications he hovered between the sun and I, in this position he gave me the opportunity to observe the blazing red sun on his chest, What I thought very interesting each time I saw him, with the sun at his back the red sun radiated brighter than when he was not in line with the sun,  considering when not at his back the red sun was not pronounced. Grandfather wanted to let me know it was he who called out and summonsed us before him. This meeting was his sacred spiritual quest to greet his Sacred Little Mother of the People, he wanted me to understand this is a place to learn and suffer for the people, so I could understand and learn to help the people, once the time arrived for me to leave the mountain.

At first this place made me cry, but soon I came to love this land all of nature’s children for our cabin stands in a valley, our backyard a beautiful mountain range, with our front yard the high desert, while on a clear day one can view thousands of acres of land, communities, and more mountain ranges touching beyond Death Valley and the flats; all of which seemed endless.]]

Purification: I need to remember to talk the elders about each time, we experienced/received sacred visitation, no matter how different the visitation or ways the sacred visitors/guardians made their appearance: one thing was/is common for several weeks prior something within me recognizes the necessity for intense purification and spiritual preparation, which means cleansing the area on numerous levels. In combination with their arrival I have observed, a very wonderful and powerful sacred light, filling the area each time, especially when we received the Sacred Father’s summons to attend his ceremonies we always stood within a sacred light and each time we journeyed to the sacred realm, we travelled within a sacred light or with sacred guardians.

Each time guardians, angels, and the Sacred Father come close to the land or can touch those in an area it is important the area is blessed, purified and cleansed, then and only then can or will any of the sacred ones come personally close. One time after I had completed a spiritual cleansing of our home and right after I returned home from dropping the girls off at school, I felt a very strong summons, so I headed to the bedroom to answer the summons.

They did not allow me to get to the bed and comfortably lay down, before I witnessed two sacred elders wearing medicine bonnets of sacred white eagle feathers lift me out of my body, just about the same moment I realize my bed is surrounded by Chiefs and Medicine Elders, on all four sides.  The two sacred white eagle Chiefs, left my body, half-on and half-off, the bed. The Sacred Father has requested we bring you before him, he requires your presence to meet with him in his sacred chamber. Once there and I got ordinated the Sacred Father requested I stand with his sacred flame of purification; which was more than a flame of purification, considering this flame could also reveal, read, and project one’s inner-most thoughts, and behavior across timelines of past, present, and future. One could hide nothing within the flame, but at the same time one received ones sacred assignments, along with receiving more sacred universal knowledge, and experience greater spiritual awakenings.

One completed in the sacred flame, the Sacred White Eagle Warrior Chiefs escorted me home, by this time understood who they were; which meant they finally gained my respect . . . after all they were among the Highest of High Sacred Guardian Warrior Chiefs/Angels to the Sacred Father, Holy Mother and the Sacred Ones. These are the angels that protect the Highest of High Sacred Elders and Chiefs, and the ones who also, fought along with the Archangels. Upon my recovery from the three-hour journey, I was greeted by the ones who stood around my bed to guard me and honor me when I returned home. What did surprise me were the garments I received. The garments of a Sacred Mother, surrounded by children on all sides of me, at my feet, on my shoulders, and in my arms: I will have to remember to ask the elders what they think and what it meant.

Day Light … Sacred Spiritual Light

Thinking about the environment, the sacred light, the spiritual energy, quantum physics, and a number of other things regarding this unexpected visitation with sacred visitors, spiritual interpretation of universal secrets, come alive during today’s unannounced events:

In the light of day, each one here, (collectively and individually), appears to experience brilliant universal introduction to numerous native gifts including native science connected to spiritual reality, traditions, and physics: quantum, universal, and spiritual physics linking spirit to eternal life. Reality, welcomes energized/purified, spiritual environments, combined with quantum physics; rapidly we accepted our new environment of sacred universal spirituality. Not just the two-legged, but the four-legged, receives a combination of magnificent crystal/diamond flakes, sacred spirit crystals of positive energized energy radiating bright light; displaying a full color spectrum of dancing flakes in the sun light.

Lights of energized energy transmit pure universal/spiritual physics; which transmutes and dissipates all negativity, within this sacred protective environment; which showered everyone in a show of sacred light energy. A powerful spectrum of lights, (our technology currently cannot duplicate), coming forth from heaven’s highest spiritual realm, blocking out and embracing those within, cleansing, purifying, healing, and energizing without harming or taking from environment.

Standing in two realms, we receive and accept, unexpected and revered series of announcements, from, within and between realms, commencing from heavenly sources conveying unique teachings and information: touching conscious/subconscious mind/spirit. Realization of what we witness via spiritual visitation/visitors influence our awareness and acceptance of new cultural abilities and renewal of enlightenment; which activates a combination of vision quests, renewal of ancient teachings, while taking each of us on individualized journeys.

Individual communications included blessings and awakening awareness towards unique elements, life-forms, spiritual communication within Mother Earth. What I found interesting for me a strengthening and deeper appreciation, of our mountain and Mother Earth, a sacred gift of communicative abilities, and telepathic sensitivity, to and with numerous land elements and factors, including the countless creatures.  In many ways the same type of communicative abilities wolves, whales, and other high brain spiritual animals have with Mother Earth.

Sky-tracker 4(kW) searchlights people shine in the night sky, to attract attention or to honor an occasion. Now compare the twenty 4(kW) searchlights with the Sacred Spiritual Light.


1)      Both can produce similar brilliant light.

2)      Both can attract attention at night.


1)      The Sacred Spiritual Light is just as visible in the earth’s yellow sun and contributes real influence in the sky during the day; which we witness from the Sacred Spiritual White Light.

2)      The Sacred Father’s Sacred Eternal Light is more intense, beside; one can understand the sacred spiritual energy radiating from the sacred realm of the Sacred Father White Eagle.

3)      This sacred eternal light is also the light of enlightenment; which I did not realize until this day. The sacred light can penetrate and embrace all manner of things without harming, only healing and teaching.

4)      The sacred light can penetrate into the depth of a cave sealed shut, and just as easily penetrate buildings without windows, where earths yellow sun lacks the ability to penetrate. Thus the saying; there is no place one can hide from the Sacred Father and Elders.

Yes, I have witnessed, experienced and been embraced within and by his sacred light of eternal power, on numerous occasions. This is not the first time; I received and stood within his sacred power and light eternal and not the first time he has summons StillsWater either. However, we are not the only ones among this eighteen, who received his sacred embrace and/or the embrace of angels via his Sacred Lights.

Regardless, what others want to think or believe: our earth’s physical sun has neither the sacred strength nor enough intense constructive power to transmute negativity and dissolve shadows in this realm, without creating destruction? Although, his sacred eternal light of enlightenment can eliminate and cast-out all forms of shadows, inside and out, from within all realms.

Life is healed, total beings purified, when inside his pure sacred eternal light of enlightenment. To stand within his sacred light of flame, is to receive his gift of purification and cleansing; which, this day . . . 4 August 1987 I witness occurring in countless ways and the results are amazing. His eternal blessing energy reaches out, in different degree of colorful lights; which encompasses, and touches all within, on, or sharing, or visiting this land. IN truth, this day we all accept and recognize the gifts and blessings enriching our experiences in countless ways. Nevertheless, one can only comprehend the fullness of this day’s enlightenment, knowledge, gifts of abilities, and massive teaching in their own time and own way, since not everything is apparent immediately, since much is subliminal programming .

Council Time:

SunHawk shouts out: Hey, you three are you going to stand out there all day; don’t you think it is time you guys come in and add to our conversation?

Okay, SunHawk, please give us a couple of minutes, I need to speak with Lionel. We will make it quick, but this is important. Turning towards Lionel: Lionel we need to speak with each other about something . . . something you might already know and have the answer to why, this day happened when you and your friends answered to their intuition summons. Right now let us touch on the highlights before going inside. What is your opinion?

I think it is best we speak away from prying ears, until we can in honor and in honest facts. I received partial information: The connection between your ceremony in Oklahoma, my naming/presentation ceremony, and this sacred visitation, and a few more we spoke about briefly; which flash visions showed me various connected to this day. Then I received this message: Speak to Lionel, since you and he are partly responsible for this choreographed gathering. Lionel and you can fill in answers to questions; which will help not only you two but the others understand, as well.”

“Red Sun, please, I need to apologize, and I do hope you will accept my apology for doubting you and your heritage, (Hearing his words and knowing what I knew I began to smile in my heart and felt honored, by a man who has proven in my heart, and the heart of the Sacred Ones, within the spiritual realm, one honorable man.), . . . strong force drove me to seek these answers: which I did during our Gathering of Chiefs.

Very nervous Lionel quickly gestures with one-finger and arm slightly lifted in the air, towards the Sacred Father, so I would realize what he references. Okay, Sister, I think you know who inspired certain ones to seek visions: and the reasons . . .  time to learn sacred knowledge via answers from the Sacred Father, Sacred Council of Chiefs and Elders; during the time of our sacred ceremonies . . . regarding you Sister Red Sun. WE learned you are his sacred daughter and the one in whom he is well pleased. You are his sacred and most powerful daughter, for you are the Sacred Mother of His Peoples, and his most powerful medicine woman.

I am sorry, but you need to know the drive, continually grew stronger, until I asked; which is the same drive Grandfather WhiteCloud explained he experiences. However, I did not know this until after I picked Grandfather WhiteCloud, up to bring, him back home on my way here and, for this was also the time for his nations’ yearly gathering and KIVA ceremonies. For several months Grandfather WhiteCloud, a medicine elder of the Laguna Pueblo, also received the same visions and push to ask, which he did: and he received the exact some visions and information we received. On the way here we had some interesting details and visions to share regarding you Sister.

Truths, sorry, the drive make me I suspect and prevented me from accepting your word, conformation in a sacred way. Yes, you and I both know, there is a great difference, between sensing one is native and sacred, is one thing, but we must also receive confirmation from the Sacred Elders, Ancients, and Sacred Father and certain others meaning our guardians. Once one is filled with spiritual enlightenment, all suspicions . . . evaporate. In truth, we learned you are the one many prophesy foretold . . . the child blessed by the Sacred Ones. The Sacred Father went on to say: You and others will know my daughter without doubt, when the Sacred Ones comes to bless her before you . . .  within the sacred light. Gesturing with his hands palms up in the direction where we received visitors. “I assumed more figuratively, instead of so literal, but I was sure of how they paragraphed the words.”

Brother, please take a minute to listen to my words, since what I have to say will help you understand and see you have no reason to feel guilty. Remember when the Ravens drove the crows off? After their return, I received visual presentation of Chief Allrunner (dressed in traditional clothing, defining tribal position) in a ceremony followed by pictorial impressions directing my attention to a few answers to this event:

Red Sun; speak to Chief Allrunner. Your friend found respect and courage to speak with your Sacred Father during a ceremony. He asked in an honorable way from his heart, we partly answered and showed him visions, of truth about you. Now we are here to confirm our statements during their ceremonies. Yes, your friends and others are here in an honorable way, in truth they judged not, but sought answers, in a good way. You know the questions asked and what we revealed: Ask the Chief and others what we told them. Red Sun is a Sacred Mother of my Peoples, and a very powerful and honorable medicine woman, who came here to help save the peoples. Now you know why I asked.

Yes, Lionel I do, in fact I know e en more, than you think I do, but right now it is time to go inside. Later we can talk after dinner there is much more—to let you think about—in fact I do believe it is wise to fill everyone in on our secrets.

Okay Red Sun, question, do you remember telling me about how you have no idea who your biological parents are, and how you have asked the Sacred Ones many times, help  you find your parents, and his appearance during you naming ceremony, among other things? 

Yes, Lionel, I remember our conversations, but right now I think we need to get inside, and talk about this later after dinner, when everyone one has gathered around.  I think what we have to talk about with help others understand, gain insight and knowledge: which they might only threads to understanding the big WHY questions: related why his sacred reverberating eternal sacred light energy, among others connections.

Walking inside and I received another shock . . . SunHawk greeted asking instead of telling me, on behalf of the elders:

“Red Sun, the elders, would like your permission gather certain sacred items: 50 gallons of water from our spring, along with the fact they need to gather herbs, roots, rose quartz, flint, aloe, pine sap, cedar and pieces of the tree struck by lightning, do they have your approval. They also want your permission to gather pebbles and bark from within the area the sacred light touched the ground. Is this all right with you?” They are hoping to get this done before sunset, around 21:40 hours.

Looking at SunHawk, a little questioning cross-eyed, since this is my first experience of any elders requesting—SunHawk to seek my permission, instead of going with SunHawk’s decision. Speaking with SunHawk, while everyone listens, standing around the kitchen. I spoke one and allowed everyone to know my opinion. “Okay I give my permission, but first I need to know who is a diabetic and who needs something to eat, before they leave, and who can wait until they return.” Three required some meat and fry bread and the rest helped themselves of fry bread and honey, while I chatted. “Okay, after everyone return, and after dinner, be ready chat there is a lot more to review and share, since today opened the window to secrets and surprises, but there is still more related to this day’s activities, for starters.  Some of these sacred things Lionel and SunHawk are aware of, and I am sure many of you elders have sacred knowledge keys and/or traditional pieces connecting us to sacred reality, since the hour of birth I was born walking–in two realms, meaning I arrived this lifetime on a sacred journey filled with many interactive spiritual, journeys, adventures, experiences and journeys, and what appeared today I have witnessed and experienced numerous other spiritual environments linked with their arrival today.

You know what we need to do from digesting, our interactive visitations, linked to our combination of personal conversations and connection with today visitors. Until then we need to take time to recall, re-evaluate, analysis, and study, who knows what will happen and what knowledge we will awaken between us, which had been waiting for us to come together.

Lionel and SunHawk glimpse around the room and Lionel speaks: You are right Red Sun. Okay everyone it is our time to take stock of events, we need to mentally compile and analysis, events. Review, the messages, you received individually.  So much to comprehend and yes, I have spoken to Red Sun and know a few other details connected to her experiences prior to today and I agree; it is time to fill everyone in after dinner; since we are interconnected joined in spiritual oneness and our sacred awakenings joined to help our people.

I spoke up: Most definitely beyond question, each of you received an education this day. Your day became an experience many thought, only legend; yet each of us witnessed sacred powers, connected to spiritual conditions and received gifts. I know each of you received eye opening spiritual demonstrations and/or received gifts our ancestors’ frequently experienced and accepted to be normal and commonplace in their daily activities: I think we can agree it’s going to take many days, weeks or months of meditations beyond this day to comprehend in full measures the importance of environments, messages and gifts received this day. Beyond what we visualized this day, we need to give it time to soak in, before conversations, which like dessert is best served after dinner: We speak, we listen, we analysis, and speak more to make sure what we perceived this day, we all comprehend.

One of the elder medicine men spoke:

We need to take it all into consideration, which means no secrets, considering there are no mistakes in universal programing by OUR Sacred Father aka Great Spirit, our Most Sacred Elders and definitely the Ancient Ones, always have reasons, and with them nothing is an accident. We think it is safe to say we stood watching, our visitors for over an hour, while all the sacred ones he invited, continued in their sacred formation, above singing their individual blessings in songs, one set after the other, then in unison during their most sacred time of blessings and awareness. They allowed us to experience inner-peace; which helped us internalize each sacred song, sung one after the other; the first song began with honoring the Sacred Father White Eagle, and he concluded his ceremony by singing the last song.

Southwest elders:

We had more questions since we assumed various ceremonies are strongly connected. Lionel, I did not put things together until now about Oklahoma, New Mexico, certain ceremonies and Red Sun. What it the connection if any?

“WE remember you referring to your Oklahoma ceremony, Red Sun and communication with the Sacred Ones regarding Red Sun while speaking with Grandfather WhiteCloud, telling him about several important details, about a Sacred White Eagle connection. IF that is correct then the following words we received would make sense.”

Fear not Lionel you earned our respect, respect from the Sacred Ones, Ancients, and the Holiest of Sacred Father, the High Counsel of Chiefs and Elders, for your courage to seek answers rather than speaking words you assumed. Okay, you accepted our influence to seek the truth. Now these events today are in part due to your courage, to accept our challenge to seek answers to long overdue questions. Do you see now, you accepted our challenge. You and others need to know Red Sun’s spiritual connections, heritage and culture; and understand SunHawk’s arrogance and pride in Red Sun’s spiritual connections to the Sacred Ones

The sacred eternal light from the Highest of the Most High; steadfast power is light eternal, remained pure and brilliant for the duration of the gatherings presentation and
just before they left, I perceived these final words before they left.

“In the light of sacred wisdom, we decided to bless not only you Red Sun, but all presence in during our visitation. We have allowed all to see and understand our presentation and announcements, we bless not just one but all with sacred blessings ad messages. We have also given each one many messages for them to share with others in need. Yet, we have one very important message to all  . . . We the Sacred Ones, have not, and will not forsake our children. Let our children know we have not forsaken them.

Ceremony in two, maybe tree parts. First part of one ceremony seeks reality; second part is the sacred ceremony; which activates sacred awareness, rewarding unique vision quests, adding to enhanced spiritual interaction along with spiritual awareness . . . filled with sacred revelations, renewing awakenings, guiding each to additional adventures, and life journeys.

Does anyone remember, what happened once the Sacred Father White Eagle finished his last song? Who transformed and parted with him. I am trying to figure out, if he summonsed all to join him from his sacred realm. Can anyone remember . . . if they transformed, teleported, or disappeared with our Sacred White Eagle Father? The ones I know that did not depart into the Sacred Eternal Oneness of Light and Life Eternal were: six-ravens and two-Great Horn Owls.

Grandfather EagleHawk and his companions joined the Sacred Father into the Sacred Light Eternal, it was then I recognized Grandfather EagleHawk was a sacred elder, with the ability to transform and teleport between realms, but I am not sure about his mates.

**Note: Although the three departed, with the Sacred Father White Eagle, the three greeted us in the morning when we stepped outside. Their return together became our final clue pulling the last pieces of the mystery surrounding Grandfather EagleHawk, together to enrich our comprehension. Fact, none of us in years of searching found a nest, no one saw him/then unless they wanted someone to experience their presence and teachings. Then there are the sounds we heard about the same moment they seem to arrive.

Okay, right now I think before we get too deep in conversations and thought, let’s take a break; you elders get out and go gathering what you need from around here with my permission. After dinner will be a good time to chat. It is interesting how after a meal and time away from a subject how we can see things much clearer and wisely. Lately then we can chat.

Transformation Confirmation

Experiencing the Sacred Father transformations added to the confirmation that all of Earth Mother’s children are important to both Our Sacred Father and Our Sacred Mother’s and hold a very sacred place in their eternal hearts filled with spiritual love. He was letting us know and reconfirming what our ancestors have known for generations, many of our relations can visit us in the form of animals, sacred guardians and guides, all can shape-shift or transform into the appearance of the winged ones and four-legged, too.

Is humanity so blind they care not, since they show so little respect for the sacred messengers of our ancestors and humanities guardians? Why, does humanity show them such disrespect? Maybe humanity should ask . . . why if he did not revere the majestic eagle, would he choose to transform into the most sacred, of Sacred White Eagle. These are the most wonder spirit guides and guardians of the people, if not so, why has he summonsed so many to join him inside the sacred light eternal. They are easy for the guardian angels to transform into so they can come and guide us. [Guardians I now realize were from the four-corners of the world, not just the Americas.]

Spiritual truth, none from this day forward could question or deny, Grandfather EagleHawk is more than an eagle hawk, he a spirit-bird, a sacred guardian, who comes and goes between realms, with great easy and/or when important. The last time these two pairs of Golden Eagles and the Black Mexican Eagles were observers, must have been a several seasons back. In fact the last time they appeared and disappeared happened when the dark one sent one beautiful Grandfather Rattlesnake, to kill Red Sun, he did not want any of the cubs, chipmunks, or anything or anyone else. He wanted until SunHawk, which was three days, and two hours, and confident SunHawk was not coming back anytime soon.

Sacred Survival Challenge (recalls a prior lesson connected)

Yes, a few of the visitors recalls a lesson prior but with connection to their part presences supply answers and let me see, truths I was not able to accept or recognize earlier; you were challenged and it required your will for your survival and the survival of others . . . You PASSED.)

The day in question, I felt the presence of a rattlesnake, there was something different about this one, and he was here for something else besides satisfying his appetite. Grandfather EagleHawk along with the ground squirrels and chipmunks warned me about one Grandfather Rattlesnake, which is the reason SunHawk, put off his trip for a few days; he had felt it, too.

 Only after SunHawk left did we all sense the movement of this rattlesnake. Right after the dust of the car has settled on the road, did I try to discover the whereabouts of this snake, but I could feel in in the ground about halfway up the hill in front of the cabin.  Okay, time to go inside and get back to my writing, I assumed I was safe and at some point I might have to protect the deal with the snakes to protect the animals. Then more than half the time the snakes leave without incident. Grandfather EagleHawk called me out side and I saw nothing.

Back in the cabin, for a couple of paragraphs before Grandfather EagleHawk and the wolves called me out this time, and I was in for a very huge surprise, one of the oldest and biggest rattlesnakes known in this area. Taking stock of who and what sat in the cottonwood and pine trees on the ridges overlooking the front of our cabin: Many winged ones observers, each just happened to be mated pairs: Big Horn Owls, Ospreys, Spotted Eagles, and California condors, except Grandfather EagleHawk, and six ravens. Interesting how they all stand quite watching the events unfold. Interesting how not one neither said nor did nothing they were only observers and nothing else.

Take that back Grandfather EagleHawk did speak when I first came outside to face the challenge: Welcome to a new challenge Red Sun your time to stand on your own, today one will live and one will die before the sunset this day?  Only one will life and one will be alive after the sunsets.

One will live . . . . One will die, I have killed many and you are next, before this day is out I will have your life. When I heard the voice, I saw the face of the one who sent him. Knowing the demonic abilities of the one using the sacred elder, made it harder to know if I was hearing the voice of the one dark controller, or the spirit of the rattlesnake saying. . . I have killed many and you shall die, too. Words underscored by visual presentation of the rattlesnake curled up tight on Red Sun’s chest waiting for SunHawk returns; but SunHawk does not have the power to kill him.

The challenge proved mine to handle and no one else’s this I realized when Grandfather Rattlesnake did not desire the two dogs that offered up their lives to the him, instead he moved past tem to me, but then backed off to give me time to get the wolf cubs and other hybrids in the house. Yes, the challenge I could clearly see has become something between him and I.

After I had gathered up the cubs and wolves, I came out with a twelve gauge and took dead on aim, three shots of buck shot, followed by three of heavy bear slugs, and they went through him. Now I know this is more, there is dark medicine behind this attack and challenge. Not under normal conditions he would have been blown in half, and/or bleeding in many different places. Maybe I can pin him down and override the curse he is under. I went for one of our flat nose shovels. Most rattlesnakes don’t behave the same way he reacts and behaves, which was one more reason to know he was under the control of a dark one. No matter, which way I moved, he countered my move, and came out me the same manner a trained attack might race towards someone,

Chess game under way.  Finally, I had one opportunity to try and pin his head to the ground with a shovel, just a second before I touch him, he hit the shovel and sent it sailing over my head more than twenty-yards behind me, too far to take the chance of recovery. Last option, to end this in peacefully, before the final show down, I kicked dirt in his eyes to blind him and his controller. He climbed up in the blind spot alongside the cabin so when I walked by he could nail me in the back, a seven foot long rattlesnake standing on one-foot of his tail.
This left me with no choice, and he kept chatting: one will live and one will die, soon I will have your life, too. I can remember, telling him he will not have my life, I ran in the house and got my 20-20 Winchester and called on my guardian and grandfathers for help. Yes, painfully I knew this was the showdown once I stepped outside; he was curled up so tight, which provides power and opportunity to spring out double his length. I knelled down in what I thought a safe zone with the 20-20 in hand, pointed it towards Grandfather Rattlesnake. Then my guardians say here is only one place, you can strike which will stop him, so I asked for help and guidance, when they failed to say where. Kneel down lower, lower, aim at his head dead center: Steady, hold it . . . hold it . . .  hold it . . . NOW FIRE. I pulled in the same second he lunged with his mouth wide open, and ate the bullet. The bullet goes straight thru his mouth, down his throat, exits about two feet down his throat and out his spinal cord. Okay, I was upset either one had to die, but . . . .

Time to bless him and release his spirit, I used sage, salt, and  tobacco, to sprinkle on his body, then I smoked and blessed him to make sure the dark one could not use his spirit to harm others, since we could not blame the snake. However, when the winged ones left, I thought I had made them mad, but today I learned they left because they felt I could handle many of the challenges; which they see ahead of me.

Part Two Transformation Confirmation:

Yes, many Spiritual Elders have told me about their experiences with sacred guardians’ visitations. They come in the form of energy, who can shape-shift, but all are sacred guardian or guides, while others become either/or spiritual/physical teachers, personal observers, record keepers, and guardians. Grandmother M explained many are relations or elders we would recognize and so they come in the form of animals. WE can speak with our guardians/guides and ask any or all for help. They are not ones we pray to or worship, but they are here to help us, subsequently certain nations call them Guardians, or Guides and/or Gods, while others among numerous religions refer to them their Guardian Angels.

Here this day my daughter, you and others have been honored by the Highest of the Highest, to witness, our Sacred Father’s spiritual gifts of friendship; which he has given us. Who can say the stray birds in your yard are not sent by the Sacred Ones to observe, evaluate, analysis and report your behavior. My daughter, I know and we have witnessed you have numerous ravens who watch over you, and they do come daily with volumes to say. You also have an eagle in your area that seems to appear and disappear; he is one of your Sacred Guardians. Know the Sacred Ones will not come in human form to observe or communicate, except on rare occasions, when they need to experience things which they cannot digest in the spiritual realm, in certain cases they might do a walk-in for a short time or a spirit connection, similar to living the world through your eyes and emotions.

Question: Who thinks twice about one’s dog or cat being a spirit guide, teacher, spiritual guardian or relation visiting in some animal from in his/her household? Fact most of the time for short term observations it is easy to transform into winged ones: eagles, eaglehawks, hawks, ravens, chickadees, robins, and doves, even Great Horn Owls, along with smaller birds. Although, there are extremely critical times when sacred messengers/protective guardians must come to deliver spiritual messages, wherein they need to be seen, and heard. It amuses me how many of you people think you are losing your mind or it is their imagination, when he/she hears animals speak.

Partial Answer: Animals are connected to the sacred universe, with guardians and spiritual guides, the same way we are connected to our guardians. The difference between the winged ones and the four-legged ones is their unique duties, objectives, and assignments. The Sacred Ones, use the forms of winged-ones, to guide, observe, instruct, and teacher. Yet, various times when critical healings are required, they might appear in someone you call on or a family member you loved who has crossed. They can become spiritual guardians, do walk-ins to help doctors in time of surgeries and/or inspire new techniques. Nevertheless, on certain occasions some allow us to take spiritual journeys through their eyes. Animals are a very important valuable balance in all realms. Alpha and Omega means we are all a part of the sacred oneness . . . life is universal.

Our Sacred Connections: We have more of a link to animal than humans want to accept. What I have experienced on different occasions, when guardian angels have given me the opportunity to listen, to angel conversation with the four-legged, when they give our spirit-guides, various instructions, sacred life lessons, work assignments, personal assignments who watch after and protect, along with teaching them to develop their sacred spiritual skills, so they can connect with their guardian angels.

Scared Truths: each of our physical guardians, also communicate with their guardians to help them learn various ways on how to teach us, and enrich all our lessons, too. So why should this not surprise me, knowing our universal connections, combined with spiritual oneness and universal physics. In addition to certain combinations of lessons, designed to ensure they can help protect and guide their charges while each of us gain experience, wisdom, and knowledge; however, at different times, the higher level guardians ask for reports about our life progress. The four-legged ones come are here longer durations since they our protectors, spirit-guides, guardians, teachers, and life observers. Life observers mean they record and report what they attempted to teach us, what we learned and failed to learn. We are all born with a spirit guide, but most of us fail to realize or accept the power with us.  Then who can say which of our relations might be one of our guardians and the next question from which of our lifetimes.

Spiritual Connections: Yes, I can say what occurred here appears connected to other sacred environments, lessons, and teachings, linking a number of events together with today’s current involvement; since each one here received enriched knowledge; which strengthened each ones spiritual connections via various messages from sacred messengers. In life most vision quests are individual or shared during a sacred ceremony, but few can say they experienced one massive vision quest . . . while receiving collectively/individually traditional quests, spiritual lesson awareness, and definitely enlightenment . . . Sacred Light challenging our empathetic/telepathic connections with our Sacred Father. In our sacred universe all creatures are very valuable to the Holiest of the Most Holy and they too have their place within the realm of Sacred Father.

Final comments Sacred WhiteEagle:

My daughter, this day, is  combination of many journeys connected to our secret reason for this gathering, it is critical to ensure the ones we wanted and only those we wanted, for this is our time together here. We made our appointed ones aware of our sacred love, blessings and support; we have for you and yours, Red Sun. This is our way to ensure individuals understand who you are since they would not see or understand if we had not come in this manner. Red Sun, you are the one many seek, to understand the return of the sacred daughter of the people and the Sacred Elders. Truth, many seek to kill, too.

Knowledge, awareness, and information, we exposed here this day for all to see, hear and experience, is our way of saying you are ready. Yet, you question if you are ready? Look in your heart, is it uncertainty or lack of life involvement, you question. We would not have acknowledged you this way, if we suspected you were not ready, or capable. We would not, awaken others to your sacred abilities and heritage. Know you are more than ready for us to reveal your sacred powers, skills, knowledge, and spiritual connection.

Lionel I noticed your  look earlier, questioning why, to now I can answer your unspoken question, regarding Sacred WhiteEagle not embracing SunHawk in the Sacred Light, I will tell you about it later, not right here and right now.Let’s take time to relax and review before we analysis today and see the t rail that lead us here. too.


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  12. These writings will become as important, inspiriing and life changing as Black Elk Speaks.
    The astounding, Spiritual intelligence being accessed here by Michelle Redsun is beyond the reach of many walikng the sacred Red road. The unquestionable connection to her husband in spirit is evident in this opening chapter,so what magnificent understandings and wisdom he will channel by the closure of such a project cannot be estimated at this level of existence.I for one, simply cannot wait for these writings to come forward.Thank you Michelle, for being the voice, the bringer of such awareness into this time of human life on this our Mother Earth.

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