Intro to Adventures

Intro to Adventures

Here you can take a number of adventures filled with many journeys and  to help you experience unique adventures and countless spiritual journeys. You will discover many of these journeys will take you into the Sacred Universe of the Sacred Ones. You will discover  nothing is what you thought ordinary,while you journey within multiplies layers of life adventures and unique lessons combined with traditional,  cultural, sacred, and spiritual, values.

Here you will encounter a wide range of Indigenous Native connection and knowledge of universal/cultural physics, native sciences, quantum physics, native ability to interact with  spiritual physics, positive cultural support and guidance,  along with getting to understand how to handle negative demonic encounters, and comperhend various guardian interventions, while helping you to recognize mysterious knowldege, Indigenous Natives, for ceturies.  Although is it only a portion but it is a gift to help others find his/her spirituality and learn to strengthen his/her sacred spirit connection with the Sacred Ones.  Plus you will find some strange humor and maybe a few similare adventures you might have experienced oir things you had questions about

Besides dealing with highly spiritual energy, one will see various ways one can deal with dark demonic life violence, and struggles. Somewhere along the way confusion changes to courage and/or success help to give courage.

Love is the Expression of Our Sacred Father Love Shining through Us
Spiritual Balance is ones understanding of our Sacred Mother’s heartbeat.

One thought on “Intro to Adventures”

  1. Michelle, I want to say that I feel so honored to have you in my life. I
    love you dearly.♥

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Native Sciences, Physics, Quantum Physics, [Unique Spiritual Awakenings & Teachings] Amazing Life Journeys filled with Powerful Challenging. Adventures of Enlightenment. Including Spiritual Guidance from Sacred Wisdom-Keepers, Medicine Elders & Countless Spiritual Guardians.

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