What’s the Connection?


Section One:

Journey into Enlightenment’s

Knowledge of Light & Life Eternal


Section Two:

What are the Truths?

The Ancients Knew

The Secret Codes?

Section Three:

Someone Heard the Questions

… Code Name …

Christmas Angel Answers


Section Four:

World Trade Center Disaster Back in Time


Section Five:

Review of Disasters Spiritual


Universal Influences


Section Six:

Universal Secrets Spiritual


Radar Awareness and Alert Systems


Section Seven:

Time to Review the Journey


Section Eight:
Sacred Light


Chapter nine .pdf file only = Verses and Psalms

Original Star of Blessing Songs












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Native Sciences, Physics, Quantum Physics, [Unique Spiritual Awakenings & Teachings] Amazing Life Journeys filled with Powerful Challenging. Adventures of Enlightenment. Including Spiritual Guidance from Sacred Wisdom-Keepers, Medicine Elders & Countless Spiritual Guardians.

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