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Here you take a number of journeys and adventures to help you experience spiritual journeys and unique adventures. You will discover in the world of the Sacred Ones you nothing is ordinary without multiplies life lessons combined with sacred, spiritual, traditional, and cultural values.

Here you will encounter a wide range of physics, native sciences, quantum, spiritual physics, and positive support along with negative demonic encounters, guardian interventions, mysteries. Besides dealing with highly spiritual energy, dealing with violence, and dark demonic life struggles. Somewhere along the way confusion changes to courage or success help to give courage.

Love is the Expression of Our Sacred Father Love Shining through Us
Spiritual Balance is ones understanding of our Sacred Mother’s heartbeat.

Honorary PhD of Life Experiences

Honorary PhD of Life Experiences

Honorary PhD are only words without life experiences compared to the education, adventures and awakening gifts, helping me to see the what the Indigenous People had suffered due to misdirection, lack of understanding. Combined with failure to accept or understand the greatest of a people, so many falsely programmed the masses to feared and hate, because of the greed and centuries of falsehoods. What I chose to bring forward came from ancient knowledge connecting spiritual comprehension with current lifestyle and environment; which has been part of lives sacred energy for eons.  [Only the beginning to awareness]

While you read this take the time to recall prior centuries of experiences oppression and misconceptions, to comprehend how things can end up twisted, even though, existing in the present time of prejudice occupied with misunderstanding. However, we stood in a time of clouded foundations, which needed to take us into a future with countless lessons and life conditions to learn and understand, for enlightenment, spiritual development, health, healing, and deeper universal understanding. Nevertheless, these words on paper are only the catalytic prelude to a lifetime of spiritual adventures and knowledge.

Yes, this was a major journey of past, present, and future, combined with spiritual crossings, temporary deaths, Yellowstone the Sacred Heart along with Grandmother M’s crossing enriched my need to know, observation, prayers, spiritual directions, and thousands of hours of research. Not done to receive any type of honors only to help teach
and awaken people to the fact we are much more than ten-percent of our gray matter along with the great spiritual responsibilities we have to humanity and how we can have the strength and courage to heal the world around us and our personal lives and beings. Awaken the positive before we turn our backs on reality and allow negative environments destroy us.

Who would believe unique  possibilities can occur in the face of adversity creating a foundation for personal  strength, spiritual development, reversal, and transformation of destructive negative  environments? . . . Reality check most sixth grade children, including Red Sun  prior to submission of what heart and mind assumed one innocence Science Report: filing analysis of many personal life experiences each walking several life paths.
None, would/could, foresee or assume an action of love and innocence could  carry one on new collision roads of adventure, discovery, and life development. In truth the observation proved a great life educator filled with unique  adventures of enlightenment and countless awareness awakenings; long before one fully realizes how all elements of life inspires all stages of research across planes of spirit, physics, and sensory perception.

After  Grandmother M’s crossing the only personas in the physical, Red Sun could depend
was Red Sun, however, the Sacred Ones arrived in great force and strength providing sacred spiritual communications, guidance, guardians and spirit guides; all of which helped support Red Sun on her journey to develop a new brand of uniquely wonderful courage. Self-reliance magnify inner-fire with inner-strength by taking a stance via courage to challenge repression; which occurs when one listens to and accepts the direction of one sent to awaken the sleeper— Scared Bird of Spiritual Thunder. Nevertheless, the arrival of the Sacred Twin Birds of Thunder and Fire occur rarely, which can only occur when ones inner-spiritual courage  needs support of the Sacred Twin Birds of Thunder and Fire, to empower fire strength of internal and emotional willpower, and add thunder for revitalization and rejuvenation of life, if one is willing to face and accept their challenges.

The two empower one to rise out of the ashes of sudden defeat and death syndrome, into
a new life of enlightenment. Only if one is willing to travel the necessary journey or journeys of transformation with the sacred birds. Besides accepting the twins challenges one needs to accept the all the challenges and lessons ones guardians and guides, add to the mix. They never promise the journey will be easy, but each step of the way feels designed to awaken inner-strength/powers, and enrich knowledge. At first they provide support and assist in the transformation of transforming negatives into countless positives, using great wisdom and ancient truths.

Research  began with . . . . We need to realize the mind has many abilities, we
continually fail to recognize all too often how we accept negative influences by acceptance of crippling influences, words in anger, and negative indoctrination. Frequently, failing to recognize how positive influences can strength our personal development. The truth for our personal development we should learn to use our receptors to comprehend its many challenges; while learning the value of being true to yourself, by cleansing your mind and spirit of the negatives that seek to control you through conscious and subconscious fears and insecurities. There are many whys one needs to be alert to ones own values of self,
and not allow the dark hearts of others around you kill you heart and spirit. Be alert, LET NOT others control and destroy you.

IN this article we are seeing the combination of two relative unimportant letters (I … F) until in this combination; when people put the two together to create IF in this introduction of challenges sacred journey you will see it in a new light of awareness and courage. Still truth be known IF is not a real word, but a strange concept in word form. IF is to Wind, as Wind is to Rain and Life, mostly vacant and empty, in one instant and something strong and  powerful the next. Nevertheless, IF_WIND can signal strength . . .  IF can summons courage, or wisdom, or create a path to destruction. Then I ask does not IF. . . require courage combined with caution when dealing with a series of structural chess games?

Chess question most often asked  and applied before and after each move in chess, is a series of What IF scenarios. In life the same question applies, in ones decision to move the ones life decisions pieces on the board, all too often we make our decisions based on some outside influence . . . . Neither wind nor fire will receive acceptance until one takes the time to play the right pieces, in addition to acceptance, ones action requires challenges, and consequences: if one is to walk with respect and
caution, before one can produce a reversal of negative outcomes; considering as with the winds any deny or acceptance holds no real promises, IF one fails to take action.

First Question what inspired my  research, analysis and report: Sociopaths, Demonic Personas and Psychic Vampires. Negative personas disguise words in half-truths trying
to make them sound positives, but half-truths are dangerous and can cause hurts to go deeper than twisting straight out lies. Emotional devastation can follow IF one fails to accept life challenges to purify the heart and reverse the pain. Half-truths are the
hardest lie to defend oneself against, because people believe lies 65% of the time and half-truths they will believe 95% of the time over definite unrestrained truths.

Three years prior to Grandmother M crossing, she realized her importance in guidance to
learn various sacred levels of spiritual physics, psychic development, telepathic  communications and spirit walks and spiritual journeys to research and analysis life interactive influences and the number of ways people can be receptive. Three years after Grandmother M’s crossing and six years into dedicated research, I learned about a Science Fair Project, which I felt it was a good place to introduce my research. The problem about compiling the data was the time restrictions of just under three-weeks, before all projects were due. Yes, it had turned into a driving desire to enter the fair, even though I had been out of school for more than four months, due to a bone disease.

Went through my drawers and closest . . . gathered all my research data and diagrams. Lucky, for me Penn, the one I called Dad, came in town that week-end, and provided me with a diagram of proper formats and how I needed to outline my data, for the Science Project; which was the only assistance Penn or anyone else provided of what to do, or how to do it. Beyond his fifteen minutes of assistance, I sorted and compiled the pieces of paper in stacks of reviews, ideas, and theories research data, summaries, assumptions, question, answers, thoughts, and observations. All though my notes were strange spelling of words only I understood and diagrams of telepathic physics and reactions to various energies.

First meant compiling the research I experienced, learned, and observed with
Grandmother M before she crossed and the massive amount of data I compiled after
her crossing. Yes, her crossing did inspire me to go deeper into the research
we began together. The more I observed the more interesting the observation
became and it also became easier to connect with and sense the emotional,
psychological and physiological physics along with the variation of family
dynamics in additional research massive amounts of data I became comfortable
with accumulating. Guardians and life direction smiled on me, for we moved into
a neighborhood, which provided me with fifty-five households: over two-hundred
subjects, including family pets and fifty-two independent subjects. Everything
have to be translated, so over sixteen days of twelve to fifteen hour per day,
I had accomplished a complete first draft ready for rewrite, to ensure people
could understand my research, which I asked Penn to read; which never happened.
Yes, because I am not a good artist I did copy the diagrams from the
encyclopedia and failed to reference where I copied the graphics/diagrams,
which no one explained the necessity to avoid plagiarism, nevertheless . . .

Submitted my research for the Science Fair and my teacher instantly went on the attack,
he took my research project to Science Fair Committee, stated his personal opinion, and then asked their opinion was about the report. He also interjected he believed it was impossible for an elementary school student, with an IQ under 200, and even then he would have to question, ones honesty even then. The level of insight, awareness, and the documentation proved and intelligence beyond 200 IO and over age twenty-five, to create such a powerful doctorial. The only thing he could assume I took the doctorial from a Professor of Psychology, which earned him his Professorship and PhD with this doctorial. Therefore, he assumed I had stolen it from a professor, and turned it in as my original
research thus I falsified the entire report. After everyone reviewed the data, they were convinced the child falsified and plagiarized the entire research.

The day I returned to school, the teacher went to the principal and they expelled me on
the grounds of plagiarism since I refused to say who belonged to the doctorial, along with poor ethics. They refused to believe the truth, I was the author, and this was all my research. They refused to believe a person with Einstein Syndrome aka Dyslexia could possess the insight of an elder and they gave me—Four Fails. Falsely accused, with four
big red FAILS across my science project I had to ask—why? The teacher, states  it’s an excellent doctorial, with solid research, good evidence, great details, and praised it highly, the theory left him wanting more to assist in expanding his knowledge and research. Key words . . . HIS RESEARCH.

What really made me mad, the teacher did not possess the guts to look me in the
face, when he accusation . . . he assumed I stole it from some Professor of Psychology that earned his Ph.D. So he is saying my research and observations were that great and that outstanding in an area of new thinking. In the same breathe he said he wanted to meet the professor that compiled this report, and shake his hand, although he refused to shake my hand.

Question of honor: I felt the entire universe shake and many a guardian and Sacred One upset and angry. I wonder how many times unexpected noticeable adventures become marred by painful experiences born from assumptions by those who have no respect for another and their hearts they fill with envy and resentment. My reported I based on the knowledge and teachings from the ancients and the Sacred Ones, knowledge our ancestors knew, respected and lived by, out of love for the sacredness of the universe and one another.

How often, I wonder, has the Sacred Ones send the sacred twin Birds of Thunder and Fire, (some might call Thunderbird and Phoenix), to link their powers together? The next question is how many times and for what reason have these twins help give our people the strength and courage to accomplish the Sacred Ones and Ancients plans? What I do know:

  1. Thunder and Fire: denied envy  and resentment their opportunity to cause more than a few days of pain, once we challenged. Envy and resentment, a dark spirit, when it sensed it could stop me from having my hearing, and she believed she won, I thought I could hear her sing, but only for a couple of days.
  2. The gifts they give range from valuable amplification of awareness; strength of wisdom and sacred spiritual guidance filled with courage. I know they can help with healings, warrior courage, and diplomatic logic.
  3. At the moment of their arrival I sensed the power they had bestowed on Ancients, Elders, Guardians, Chiefs, Spiritual Warriors, and Warriors, for inner-strength, and faith in their time of need to help preserve our sacred truths and our nations.
  4. This day when Sacred Birds of Thunder and Fire arrived I experienced thunder and saw fire, both then transformed into birds that linked together. They empowered me with the courageous resolve and strength of a warrior to challenge, life conditions, the child departed, each time they arrived.

Thunder and Fire arrived when I began to question and link at the accusation and words:
of which earned the Professor his Ph.D. and accelerated with the words .  . . His research. The same instant fire combined with thunder and anger grew within all at the teacher’s words: There is no way in hell you could have done the work, you lacked the brains to
accomplish this professional level of work. No sixth grader and especially one with your intelligence level had the brains to accomplish and compile such professional work. He was insulted that I was trying to pass of such
caliber of work as mine, it requires years of professional training. (Einstein Syndrome was one thing, but all Indians people considered mentally lacking.)

Knowing  the truth of my research and his words, it was time to speak my thoughts aloud
to the teacher, “What a great ego booster, to know I have such a level of intelligent, but since you fail to hear me the fight is on.” and I headed to the principal’s office to demanded my say. Yes, I got expelled but I was determined I would be heard and get the grade changed to four A+ and my named  cleared.

After four major battles, in front of several review boards from the Science Committee, school district and two different UCLA Board of Review, which earned an Honorary Ph.D. in Psychology, and a minor in Physics, they could not figure out how else to classify the minor. Clue: The board and committee members, found it even hard to comprehend I started making notes, thus the diagrams and more diagrams of energy flows connecting impressions, before starting school, loved math and doing second grade math before school, and learned Algebra in third grade, from a peer than in seventh grade. Instead of games and dolls I always wanted math books, science, and psychology type books. Before I got out of third grade, I was working in eighth grade math books along with personally
challenging books related to psychology and physical sciences dealing with the mind and body. Okay, some of the books Grandmother M read because the big words I was not all that ready to read with dyslexia.

Each one of the interviewers questioned my life experiences, personal foundation, and
background along with my basic research and theories. They were baffled how a child in sixth grade could develop a report with such awareness, investigative details, rationalization, and theories regarding psychological thoughts, thought-forms, mental influences, emotional physics, psychics and telepathic influences, and energies, dealing with universal and spiritual influences, in combination with environmental influences and personal interactions.

Questions: Why evidence and research caused me to believe we received more data and react to more external influences, than most individuals are aware of, yet . . .  we continually record and interact on many different levels through our conscious and subconscious connections. I countered with the questions: Why do other say as fact, we don’t use more than ten-percent of our brain. Truth, lack of awareness and narrow thinking refuses to think beyond what others say and that prevents mental, spiritual, and
universal growth.

Then I asked each for their opinion to another question:

  1. Why is it hard for people to comprehend we have for centuries been receptive and
    sensitive to communications, on all levels; which includes energy sound, motions
    and subconscious brain wave energy?
  2. We recognize our five sensory levels and we realize children also react to our
    emotional energies, but we cannot accept psychic and telepathic energies can
    influenced us, throughout our lifetimes. When in truth, our ancestors have for
    centuries recognized the influences of long-range conscious and subconscious communications, along with our receptive abilities, the various forms of awareness, and our connectivity skills.
  3. Why, then does it not make sense we developed conscious and unconscious communicative receptors, along with subliminal receptors. Positive and negative influences can create productive and destructive influences across levels we fail to accept and/or acknowledge.
  4. Remember,  some cultures and groups, begin to use and train conscious recognition of mental, (energies, telepathic thought-forms, and psychic transmission) through awareness on numerous conscious/subconscious levels.
  5. They train transmitter and receiver to acknowledge communications beyond normal senses. They are fully aware that we still receive their communicative influences and react to their energies, knowingly and unknowingly.

Once one comprehends and acknowledges ones multiply connection to universal consciousnesses, it is easier to follow the links, which advances personal insight of spiritual physics, and psychological physics, in combination with the internalization of unique interactions, and influences on ones physical conditions. If one has any inborn
psychic sensitivities, combined with empathy and/or synesthesia abilities persons are unaware of and/or untrained to handle, he/she will internalized influences and/or
magnify conditions. Such influences can change benign physiologically and  psychologically environments, into dangerous and/or in some cases paralyze his/her emotionally environment which then tears apart environments including lifestyle,
careers, health, and self-worth.

For this one, my first awareness and understanding came from the realization of telepathic
thought-forms and a wide variety of telecommunications, with family dynamics and inner-personal connections among peers for starters. This began long before personal capacity of verbal communications, which I discovered through telepathic sensory-awareness communications. For small children it proved easy to carryon mentally nonverbal communications and share thought-forms, long before my capacity to share spoken words with verbal communicators. Communication with animals was also another link and proof of telepathic communications. Writing now makes me wonder, if the real beginning of  investigation and investigative, need to know style research, started in the womb of my biological mother. She possessed strong abilities and had strong receptive awareness abilities and we did communicate with one another using subliminal flows of psychic energy.

Discovery, sensitivity, empathic/empathy and psychic awareness, drives a strong love for adventures, and spiritual comprehension increases a greater thirst for knowledge. My thirst and drive conditions push and awaken the sacred spirit prior to naming ceremony, which becomes enriched by the sacred circle of grandmothers in the cave, but the invasion of killers seeking to end lives of many, are the pieces this enriched awareness: awaken spirit/child and Red Sun spirit walker within her first few months, of this earthly form.

Awareness guides us along life’s traditional/spiritual highway of sacred journeys, which introduces amazing amplification of life incredible abilities and awareness; while new
direction intensifies thirst to investigate extraordinary psychological connections,  combined with daily emotions, traditions, and spiritual life connections. Most people lack awareness of spiritual life science interconnection, across interactive telepathic (transmitters and receptors), which influence subconscious/conscious involvement.

Mental energy influences psychological emotions and is a real magnet to psychological
garbage and baggage, which make many people dump on others, since they can easily become carriers of others destruction, hate, pain and anger. Our individual receptors and transmitters are only the beginning to healthy and/or unhealthy family in addition to peer-to-peer influences on universal and physical life environment, just to mention a couple of influences.

Nevertheless, the majority of people reflect oblivious comprehension of the possible influences and consequences individuals can dump on them. To most life force energies, beyond their personal environment and space, they perceive empty of any such abstract influences: meaning they have no personal responsibility to life and universal conditions. Thus they can then live in a bubble of absolute personal and universal denial and detachment, according to their set of rules . . . . Does this mean they are void of any
inner personal responsibilities and connections?

Lack of responsibility gives them the right to take and destroy the lives and rights of
others. The same people refuse to admit they play any part in negative conditions on this universe: No one can hold them accountable for any consequences or influences on any life including individual/personal family life conditions, since everyone is independent of each other. I know this is an extreme example of how such personages take no responsibility for any type of spiritual energy and/or mental actions; which influence the behavior of individuals and environmental life. Truth psychic physics program quickly with internal and external influences, and they continue to radiate outwards, similar to many pebbles pitched in the water, which also cause trees to fall rapidly.

The naysayer says: I am the master of my universe and none others, no one else influences
on my/our lives, so it means we have no influences or consequences on the lives of others. The personal physical and emotional health environment is in his/her hands each family member consequences belong only to the individual and no one else.

Some of the things we need to watch and reflect on:

It is amazing to me how they want to blame everything on distance; detachment; genetics;
lifestyle and environment but they have no responsibility in the lives of others.

Rejection of telepathic communications, cerebral transmission of positive/negative
energies, and psychic stimuli means they refuse to accept and/or comprehend, direct
and indirect influences on physical health conditions.

Old school thinking assumes only genetic markers impart and influences, while mental
and physical behavior play no real roll in physical heath development. (1955) Science
could not assume markers, since science had no detail proof markers existed.

Then how can psychologists assume subliminal psychic energies have no influences on family dynamics: Problems suggest one must pay attention to diet, eating habits, body
language, physical appearance, daily behavior, personal telepathic interaction, peer to peer interaction, personal thoughts, and stray thoughts, too. This sort of behavior can cause physical damage to health and become a dangerous cycle.

Next we need to investigate and analysis unidentified effects: destructive, constructive, misleading, either intellectual activity or non-activity, combined with behavior patterns, and family associations.

The conditions of each personal environment has a number of variables, but the impacts on personalities and lifestyles I discovered can lead to serious health problems, combined with emotional damaging perceptions of self. However, I had to do a number of diagrams, along analysis of behaviors and what I people needed to accomplish and how they had to help with their healing, combined with spirituality, determination, and faith. Healing and
reversal of lifestyle I based on Indigenous Native belief systems.

Then I used certain events that occurred eighteen months earlier:

Remember, the two children that took down two-kill crazed killers. The children were
Randy and I, yet you are saying that is genetics, we are not genetic clones, in truth through our longtime friendship we learned to communicate on telepathic levels, i.e. our behavior, in truth, does happen on genetics levels, but others with the ability to communicate on subliminal levels. We have used subliminal telecommunication with each other before we could talk; our spiritual awareness gave us the added power and abilities.

Yes, we trained together in the way of warriors and we learned to communicate
telepathically and put our lives on the line, to save eighty children, waiting at the local school bus stop, from two kill crazy escape military prisoners, high on drugs the heroine and alcohol. This is one of the many events, I used in my Science Fair Report, which I reminded the Committee, was one of my baseline reports, about how Randy and I put our lives on the line and how we react together in certain instances as one personality.

Our strengths we developed with a combination of telepathic communication abilities, spiritual determination, warriors training, psychic awareness, spiritual knowledge of life and guardians, personal knowledge of each other, and life determination; which is what we used to overpower the men and save the children. It took spiritual physics, which allowed the bullets to pass right through the space I was in and blow out the back wall. Inner-physical faith of strength, combined courage/strength/determination became our reality that empowered two-fourth graders to overpower two-escaped military prisoners and come out the victory.

The courage of friends and warriors who once lacked inner-personal doubt, bonding proves the sacred spiritual strength. In all  the years of togetherness supplied each with the added strong spiritual faith, we increased our spiritual/universal energy of physics, which activated our mental abilities, skills, and sacred awareness. If you speak of genetics then you might have to refer to the Indigenous Natives sacred genetic oneness and
abilities. The same inner-personal physics, which provides and heightens power of strength, aura of protection, and awareness; which is an ability few people realize, they possess; but it helps change military personnel into lifesaving heroes. Within us is a spiritual generator; which can influence the lives of others in numerous ways, but it can enhance and enrich ones inner-personal determination, courage, resolve, and faith, in ones time of need. Thus the generator can help heal, guide, and protect in ways we have yet to discover.

ü  The physics of our psychological/spiritual generators and personal dynamics are part of each individual’s psychological dynamics. Our generators part of our life physics we
can and do use daily.

ü  People need to be aware of how very powerful his/her psychic/spiritual generators combined with eternal life forces actually are; and how creatively constructive to vastly destructive powerful, on numerous levels our generators can produce and/or influence.

ü  Positive programming and thinking directs creative healing energy, active inner-strength, and healthy lifestyle.

ü  When our generators are set on negative programming, hostile influences, filled with
anger, greed, or any of the other seven deadly sins, we can become very dangerous to our life, lifestyle, health, family, and environment depending on each individual. Many people fail to comprehend what they are doing, when they project negative influences either can they see the extent of their negative physics.

ü  Different family dynamics, combined with lifestyles, personal dynamics, and inner-personal determination contributes to life’s real inner-personal secret compass.

ü  These among other supporting factors of life positive verses negative, and a series of questions I included in my report.

ü  What extent does our mental connection influence our life forces, along with how various programming conditions react on verses genetics elements?

ü  How can we use inner-strength and faith to enrich health?

ü  How can we overcome a number of unhealthy influences, and reverse negative ingrained family programming in order to lessen the impact of genetic health on mental and physical conditioning.

ü  Displacing negative with positive is the beginning of healing, but one has to decide to
come to terms with their psychological thinking and why.

ü  I also gave reference to all sorts of health conditions that can strengthen or damage
different organs in our bodies.

In my research, I had to further question if it was all due to how one perceives ones personal and social life in relationship to oneself, which we accept and reject or allowed the creations of destruction by family and social dynamics. We have to understand our connection with psychological physics and its conditioning with and without spiritual physics is something that can we cleansed and we can bring about the changes and healings we need, with will and desire to overcome. But the problem is so ingrained and roots we have to work at making the cleansing to happen and it might take a year or more to get ones spirit-heart, physical and organisms cleansed, psychological re-evaluated and reprogrammed, it is not something that can happen over night.

I used  for my base the (dysfunctional) unhealthy family environment I was dealing with
since Grandmother Ms crossing and family environments prior to her crossing including
some strange changes in self-perception. Then realized the many different energies of communication, coupled with sacred spiritual experiences and guidance from medicine elders, whose knowledge, life experiences, and awareness reached back over two-hundred and fifty plus years.

The bathtub incident when sudden death developed spiritual awareness, environment
changes, adventures, close encounters not UFOs and various family dynamics triggered the need to understand unseen elements and mental conditioning, etc. All that and more became life’s catalysis into years of studying influences, mental energy, physics, and people and interactions

Strange but I do think seeking answers to challenges the hour I witnessed the death of
my mother was all in there, as well, compounded by the crossing of Grandmother
M and my two temporary crossing, also contributed to my research. All the events that accumulated or I sensed, before and after events, each one became another piece of the spiritual and psychological physics that lead to the desire to continue my research into more than what we see. There was too much people tried to deny but even radio, shortwave, television functions on energy so what is the different between telepathic communications, telecommunications, (new word at the time) mind functions, we produce energy and function on energy. My theory we use more than ten-percent of our brain, no less, combined with unseen influences between people and families.

My report dealt with family dynamics, behavioral patterns, mental physics, dynamics of
conditioning and unseen influences and the ways it contributed to Psychological/Physiological Health conditions. Assumption presented theory on
numerous conscious and subconscious levels, right down to assumption of positive dynamics development, which includes how unseen hostility and negative psychological anger on conscious and subconscious spirit-heart and all areas of physical/spiritual forms are reflected on or about certain persons and how the influences can create damage to behavior and cells of major organs.

Theories, I backed up and supported my data from my spiritual teaching and awareness of indigenous values, connection with Earth Mother, the Sacred Father, guardians and universal physics, and sciences. Psychological physics’ interactions and function, analyses of values linked to family’s traditions, knowledge. Since all nationalities have, various traditions and cultures linked to centuries of awareness and values.

Next I used the lessons learned and experienced the interactive consequences of mental
physics on the family and various family members. The professor if there was one Sacred Traditional Medicine Elders, and the Sacred Sainted Grandmother M and my lifetime of awareness journeys, linked to the indigenous peoples of the Americas.Temporary death crossing, the Sacred Mother of the Roses, spiritual knowledge awakening to values our people were part of and connected to, because of our closeness to the sacred universe of spiritual knowledge and sacred teachings.

Plagiarism does that mean a person who does their own research and
documentation from data based one was able to learn from inborn interactive
communications learned awareness and universal abilities is that plagiarism or is
the copying other peoples writings and reports an one calls it your own research I thought that was plagiarism. I them examined past and present conditions regarding the variations of personal physical/mental/spiritual, interconnections/influences in combinations with work, family, and social environments on life, which is also impacted by seen and unseen psychological/spiritual physics. Functioning awareness can help people learn to recognize conditions then improve mental and physical health and total life structure

Not any data I turned in did I copy or read in some others person report it was all my personal interviews and research. On the other hand, my personal research and concepts enriched by years of interactive involvement, studying people—behavior and personalities—combined with in-depth awareness of and insights enriched by spiritual/traditional knowledge, which increased conscious awareness of programming influences on behavior . . . . Are you trying to say that is plagiarism?

I examined past and present conditions regarding the variations of personal physical/mental/spiritual, interconnections/influences taking into consideration combinations with work, family, and social environments on life, which impact both seen and unseen psychological/spiritual physics. Functioning awareness can help people learn to recognize conditions then improve mental/physical health and total
life structure behaviorism

At the closing of the second UCLA interview, I left the review board with my final
statement: Now, if that is on the level of universe’s universal connection with
indigenous people linked with the universe is plagiarism, then that means scores
of professors and professional researchers are creating plagiarism daily.

Although, UCLA offered a full scholarship and a chance to go to college straight out of junior high, I did not learn about any of the details until Jealousy and Penn were
going through a divorce. The reason I use the name Jealousy instead of her name,
now is not the place to reveal her name, because of her mental status:

[Narcissist, Grandiose, Sociopath, High Priestess of a Neo-Nazi Satanic Cult, and addicted to several substances. Yes, she was ill enough to lock-up, but her mother, father, and husband and others feared what would happen, once they did lock
her up. They feared reprisals from the organization.]

No one wanted to experience what would happen, to the family, if anyone did confine
her to a mental hospital, after prior experiences. The Neo-Nazi organization was the real reason no one had courage enough to have her committed. One more of her mental problems appeared to be a Jealous Sister Syndrome; she always had to be the better-loved sister and tried to kill her brother on numerous occasions, attack neighbors and neighborhood children her mother paid attention, to or tried to protect.

Jealousy enjoyed it when she could stop everything positive I wanted to accomplish with my life.Truth, her love for abusive beatings and violence provided an unbelievable
passion. Get the picture why I had a strong interest in my research, since I was not biology or genetically related. Yes, I lived in a world of violence, pain, and abuse three-hundred and fifty days each year. Jealousy worshipped evil and promised to kill and/or have any one killed who tried to help or supported Red Sun in her pursuit of educational and personal life improvement or living conditions. However, she would support anyone who wanted to cause harm or chaos in Red Sun’s life.

On many, occasions she would boost how was she was the Real Bad Seed, daughter of Satan, and strongly believed she was a sacred Goddess, Grandiose, which everyone must worship and obey, no matter what the cost to them and in their lives. It is hard to describe her sadistic happiest when she caused people to suffered personal and professional destruction and pain.

What I did not learn until Jealousy and Penn got a divorced is the offers from UCLA, and
the grant money for me to attend any college. Jealousy took and spent it on feeding her lusts, men, and affairs. Nevertheless, if Grandmother M had been alive, or if I had known it earlier, things would have been life adventures at UCLA different, since Grandmother M would have insured my safety and professional advancement. Fact, Jealousy never went against her Mother M, for fear of losing her mother’s love; nevertheless, once Jealousy’s mother was gone she took all of hatred out on me.

Ten years before his death he came and apologized to me for not being man enough and told me the hold history of all the destruction he had allowed her to do to our lives and
countless more lives. Not being man enough destroyed his chances for Vice President to President Nixon. Thing would have been much different, since he had strong ethics, when he was not around Jealousy.

He had a long list of “What if Scenarios.” If Grandmother M had been around to
protect me from Jealousy of Evil, and If Jealousy had not gone crazy, when she
thought I would out shine her and leave home, she would lose her meal ticket;
if he had been man, enough he would have protect me from her evil. If he didn’t
fear for both our lives and if he had been man enough to agree for Jealousy of
Evil to be imprisoned, in the mental hospital things would have been much

When she learned of UCLA offers, she attempted to kill Penn and me several times in a week. The real problem, if Penn had man been enough to stand up and insure my opportunity to go straight into college out of junior high school, I would have been on the way to accomplishing my objectives and prime directive and help thousands of live survive and not perish needlessly.

Not too long before his death, he asked me for my forgiveness all the pain and destruction the coward in him invited. Back to college, we had a number of fights in the house and I got beat up more than a few times, when she wanted to destroy a child that had appear better than her and her hatred towards me continued to grow. The one I considered DAD was all in favor or me going to UCLA, but he woke up on more than one occasion with a knife at his throat and his balls bleeding, even when he was in Los Angeles and we were in Fresno. She/they promised; if I went to college, he would die.

For over a week, until he promised he would not agree for me to go to college or tell me
anything. The violence in the house had reached the extremes, and I had to barricade my bedroom door from Jealousy, and went to school each morning with no sleep. She went crazy if I was, asleep she came home, and she never showed up before 0300 hours and most of the time after 0400 hours. She arrived most night with eyes and spirit full of evil and drunk. Her hands wanted to experience butcher knives deaths and mind seeking blood.

Psychic Vampire is the only way I  can describe her personality, violent and dangerous from sundown to sunrise and lusting for blood and sex. Strange how she would fall off to sleep, at the first rays of sunrise, even in the middle of attempted murder. What was even
stranger, her strength, she was stronger than ten-men until . . . dropping to the sleep of the death. When it was time to get ready for work, she was up, smiling and sober at 0630 hours. When the house appeared torn up by a fight, she played it coy and asked what happened. I would receive her standard statement: She came home very happy and went straight to bed. You are lying I would never try to kill you. Her thought:
I will kill you if you were not so strong and fat, I am afraid of you.
Beside don’t you think I would remember our fight and I don’t remember us
having a fight, you were asleep when I came home?

Reality confirmation started in the arms of the Sacred Mother of the Roses

The reason I reference the touch from the Sacred Mother of the Roses, her way proved the
perfect portal to oneness awareness of spiritual realities, and eased the transition journeys. All-important architect, the Sacred Mother whose touché was the enhancement factors with the power to dissolve barriers and open spiritual development. Each one constructed a stronger foundation via experience-awareness and unification of medium communication portal.

Hers was not the first of many touches, but the one calculated to open different
valuable two-way portals of awareness and communications. Broadening spiritual
awareness, between the Highest of High Sacred Ones, Archangels, sacred guardians, and spirit guides, guidance to sacred spiritual universes, which unite interactive visions to many factors of reality’s contribution on ones lifetimes. Conjoining any number of lifetimes in one physical form, a time when one receives direction of involvement in order to accomplish their primary assignments and prime directive for the betterment of humanity.

In the 1964, I discovered a book that supported my research:
[“Psycho-cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz. His book was the continuation of and enhanced my research. His book I decided to apply his exercises and found; if certain people did not go behind my back, and they allowed me to continue my research, at UCLA, it would have worked wonder in the lives of communities, families, and personalities. His research
answered all the questions and guided people along the same avenue of concepts for personal development, but ours would have complimented each other’s research.]

The touché of temporary death visitation involved connected to the
Sacred Spiritual Realm with the connection to strong sacred, spiritual awareness
along with a variety of other implications. Awareness was an important addition
for my ability to comprehend various factors, all of which contributed to my
science fair doctorial. I went on with my research, but conditions made the concept of me turning my Honorary Ph.D. into a PhD in Psychology, turned all my desires into a mute subject.

Even so, after researching what happened in his life after the book sold over 30 millions copies . . . I wonder how badly jaded would I have become and would money have destroyed my truths by now? People do believe there is always a season for the right reason to come along. Okay, something along that line, and gut feelings leads me to feel that was not my season and our traditional medicines ways was too young and not
ready to protect and prevent exploitation, which would have degraded the truth and reality, and I would have succumbed to greed.

Adventures beyond today into the future of Tomorrows . . . my hearts desire

Years of experiences: Spiritual and  mental physics, personal studies combined with a thirst of knowingness beyond standard knowledge, enlightenment. The seeker gathered information among varying degrees of community, family, and interaction on countless levels of communication influences, included subconscious transmissions, in the midst of
telepathic influences coupled with unseen spiritual and traditional DNA influences in our lives. Combine all this with amazing Life Adventures, living three lives, in twelve short years. Nevertheless, that was only the beginning of many lifelines, in one lifetime. That means I have many more experiences, filled with enrichment of knowledge, coupled with
my directive to write these experiences, adds to my love among a number of other factors, of writing, and this is where I am at today. Holding on to the past only cripples a person mentally, which is why I went on many more adventures and had amazing experiences and journeys.

In my case, I can say the Einstein Syndrome currently labeled dyslexic, empathic
and synesthesia; is a wonderful world of insight, vast knowledge of knowingness
and connection to so many things still on the verge of data waiting for someone
to compile, analysis and record for people to experience. So many times, I see and experience research while others just on the verges of experiences that will lead research in directions . . . they never thought possible. Born with switches in on position gives one a great knowingness. The only problem we have to be careful, because others consider us eccentric beyond conventional.

It really does not matter, welcome to my world, I am happy with this crazy inborn syndrome, without any allowance for reset or off switches. In many cases more switches guardians come along connect and switched on without reset or bypass switches, combined with massive volumes of lessons. Each time the sixty to thirty-days prior to each
of the four temporary crossings the follow-up ninety-days afterwards is pact with serious insight and lessons. The crossing is the key, which awakens the spiritual physics to open the window for sacred guardians to switch on and/or strengthen talents of enlightenment. Honest curious, gives way to asking many questions of how each opening comes programmed, and awareness to awaken several more challenges. Then would it not say the crossing was unplanned event or accident but a support summons.

Okay, Einstein Syndrome equal Dyslexic, but they changed the name to degrade those that were able to think outside the box and connected spiritually with the universe. I am
dyslexic not stupid, just the opposite, dyslexic people are highly intelligent.  Besides, I based my research on spiritual insight using telepathic, traditional background, spiritual training, with abilities, and knowledge, combined with teachings from Grandmother M using Indigenous Native Science, Psychology, Physics, and Quantum Physics, not from the establishment of white institution of higher education. It seems many Indigenous children are dyslexic; the word dyslexic is another word for thinking outside the box aka Einstein Syndrome. We have the ability to see beyond the four walls of society and accomplish even
greater things.

YES or NO: hold for further analysis events that inspired my right to challenge life and seek answers.

Who would believe in life one always many possible Positives, which rise out of the ash of sudden death syndrome, (even when only temporary) each can actually strengthen, amplify, and inspire all levels of sensory  perception skills, including spiritual, physical, psychological/mental/emotional physics awareness, empathic and synesthesia abilities.

Thirst for knowledge life’s journey enhanced  with traditional/spiritual life, based on sacred spiritual experiences and guidance  from medicine elders, whose knowledge, life experiences, and awareness reached back over two-hundred and fifty plus years. The bathtub incident when sudden death developed spiritual awareness, environment changes, adventures, close encounters not UFOs and various family dynamics triggered the needed to understand unseen elements and mental conditioning, etc. All that and more
became life’s catalysis into years of studying influences, energy, physics, and

Strange but I do think seeking answers to challenges the hour
I witnessed the death of my mother, was another incident that caused me to challenge the norm and authority. All the events that accumulated or I sensed, before and after events, each one became the force of research into more than what we see, telepathic communications, telecommunications, (new word at the time) mind functions, and we use a greater deal more than ten-percent of our brain, combined with unseen influences on people and families, occupying a good percentage. Dad told me what to do and what I needed to compile research data.
I started my research notes, question, answers, thoughts, observations and assumptions, and all my papers in a stake of reviews, ideas, and theories.


Native Digest Article of Michelle Red Sun EagleHawk

Native Digest Article of Michelle Red Sun EagleHawk:

The Great Spirit did not deny me or ignore me,  for no matter where I walked or where people send me into hiding, trying to remove me from my people, deny me my heritage and birthrights, they could not hide me from my ancestors, the Ancients and Sacred Ones, or any of the many Sacred Guardians that stood with me to teach and guide me. …….  Michelle Red Sun EagleHawk  March 2011

This I say because, I am one among many children from an era of relocation and assimilation, along with removal of as many children as possible, from the reservations and tribal rolls. Federal, State, and Local governments, turned a blind eye, and did nothing when Indian Children, disappeared, declared dead, or removed by any possible excuse, even after taken from their parents by force. The church followed the governments’ decree and black-marketed many of the tribes’ indigenous children. Each child removed and classified dead; the government removes their names from the tribal rolls and land reverts to the government; which allowed church, states, and/or Federal Governments the right to claim lands and reallocate the lands away from originally reservation treaties. Such attitudes freed church and state up to trade-off via black-market the children to either white families, or other ethnic group the child’s appearance might fit into and gain
more votes, along with profiting from removal of children.

This information I later learned from a couple of Senators, (who want to remain nameless) any children born with light skin MUST BE removed from their family and raised with whites, however many whites were unaware of the child’s background. The families, who slightly knew about the Indigenous Native blood of the children, would normally receive money with the understanding the child would never learn of his/her heritage: reservation, family, or actual birthdate. One strange truth, the new parents to be would sign documents, revealing the biological parents’ name, heritage, and background, true, along with the promise silence, and never to disclose said information, or they would have to pay back all the money, with interest. Everyone signed the original documents package with complete information; however, disclosure of child personal info disappears or never in new caregivers documents package.

The signing of documents and receipt of a check concludes the exchange of child after the second promise of silence, thus the new guardians receive a good size check in exchange for silence; or caregivers would suffer consequences. The pain of separation is one of the harshest reasons many children feel so detached and lost in this universe, because our spirits cannot connect the same way as those that want to make us walk in their footsteps. Our eternal spirits remain linked to the universe, in different sacred and spiritual ways that go beyond words. In many ways we have transcended, to higher spiritual levels.

The Sacred Eternal Spirits and Souls of Indigenous Children remains linked deeply within the seeds of spiritual culture; which means our eternal oneness remains linked to the sacred universe, which cannot be broken or denied. Each drum beat speaks a universal song that fills our spirits with the sacred spiritual union calling, seeking, and teaching each of us to understand our sacred traditional knowingness that connects us to a sacred universe. We are connected, but without real tribal unison, we do not feel complete, it takes time to know where we stand the Sacred Ones and our Guardians are still with us. They have done everything they can to destroy this bond, but you cannot break a universal bond.

The government or the universe cannot take the sacred DNA oneness out of our eternal spirit, they cannot tell the Sacred Father, Ancient Ones, our ancestors, and all our relations to walk away and deny us. They have no power of influence to dominate the Sacred Spiritual Universe and Spirit World, nor control over the universe, which is how deep our connection goes. Know the Sacred Ones neither deny nor reject any of the children lost, or divided; time to call out to all our ancestors, and relations, let them know you want their help to rejoin with your relations. Then ask them to guide, support and teach you to reawaken your eternal spirit and life, one of the many reasons the Sacred Ones sent me here and I write. Even though events removed me from my relations, this the Sacred Ones foresaw events and sent Grandmother M, so I could experience, absorb, connect with and comprehend the spiritual universe in a more spiritual manner, thus the Sacred Ones walked with me to help me see and comprehend our universal connections.

All of my life has been a sacred spiritual journey, to help save the children and help those that seek to understand the Sacred Spiritual Universal Truths and realize the Sacred Ones have not forsaken any one of his children. It is hard to say how many visions and the amount of guidance I have received since I was too young speak, to read, or write, telling me I needed to travel this life journey, for without Red Sun thousands of lives will be lost and thousands more will perish needlessly and possibly lost for eternity. All of my writing comes from their guidance, events, visitations, experiences, and sacred journeys across more than sixty years.

Their decree must have been very hard and scary on my mother; too, knowing the church had a standing bounty on our heads. Nevertheless, for a time in while in hiding, mother survived, and her child was born; since for a time her sacred protection proved stronger and more powerful than the power and voice of what they perceived they stood in and for . . . the all-powerful church.

Government and Churches had a license to excommunicate or remove children anyway they decided best for their benefit and the benefit of state and church. Regrettably, neither mother nor child, could or would be safe or survive for very long, without the intervention of the Sacred Ones, with the Jesuits behind the trackers. The determination of church leaders and elders grew stronger to kill the child and mother, after certain prophesy increased their fear. The church promised power, money, and position for anyone that found and killed—mother and child. Sacred guidance, combined with spiritual abilities and visions, determined and directed spiritual intervention via spiritual guardianship of one Sacred Indigenous Mother M’s visions, versus the power of the Jesuit Monks and Catholic Church and a full unit of people, who hearts came filled with greed
and seekers of power.

Many visions and interventions by guardians, Holy Mother, Sacred Father, Mother of the People, Sacred Mother M, and one Jesuit Monk’s with strong convictions against killing of one who has not the power of speech, spiritual guardians were called into play to take carry out their sacred roles, for the survival of mother and child. This became a powerful battle of wills, truths, and realities: protection and survival of a child the Sacred Ones sent, to help his children, in direct conflict with those that proclaimed themselves the voices of God aka Creator and the Sacred White Father, who signed our death warrants.

Our death warrant sealed out of fear, misinterpretation, and falsehood: Problems increased with the  misinterpreted by one indigenous translator regarding the vision’s and prophesy of elders. Could it have been jealousy, which caused the translator, to wrongly translate the words and information of others regarding the sacred spirit and purpose of the child . . . spiritual revelation? Could it have come out of fear or greed, what did he assume or did he really misstated words and meaning, between revolution and revelations, against the church? Or maybe he had other reasons for what he said; all too often translators were the cause of violence and death, when they held anger against another, the family, clan, or tribe.

Translator said: The child would start a revolution against the church and destroy the church. The truth of the vision or prophesy revelation; the child will start a reawakening of spirituality and traditions long-lost or forgotten. The aforementioned information I learned from Grandmother M on the day of, and only a few hours before—her crossing. Revelations awakenings and enlightenments verses Revolution a time of undoing through violence and destruction or start an upheavals against others.

[Much of what I write about if one takes the time to analysis the events; one might just see or sense many historical parallels, but only on a much smaller scale of course.]

Truth it matters not, my life was under spiritual guidance and guardianship of the Sacred Ones: From what the sacred Father revealed to others in visions and ceremonies: Red Sun is here now, because many gave their lives to make sure she survived to help the indigenous native and the all peoples, whose hearts are sincere and come with and open-heart seeking to see and understand. Not just the sacred children who have suffered much, but also all of humanity, who are facing critical times. Red Sun is not the only one the Sacred Ones and the Holiest of Holy Mother chose and sent here to help show the peoples of all nations, cultures, and clans, the purest  of sacred traditions, cultures, knowledge and medicine ways . . .

Yes, all of the most sacred gifts and abilities of the sacred indigenous people still exist, but too many have become mislead, fearful, confused, corrupted and/or emotions distorted. For this reason, they directed me to share experiences, knowledge, adventures, and journeys to help others see and comprehend the wisdom of traditions in stories, adventures, history, and through enlightenment. Truth, for those who have eyes that cannot see, heart that cannot feel, and a spirit lost, and understand not, heart locked to truth, by the blinded heart of others who teach them to believe, OUR sacred ways are evil or outdated, I pray for you. I pray enlightenment will touch you heart, mind, eyes, and spirit. It is important we become one with the Spiritual Universe again, if we do not, we might be lost forever.

Know none of us can force anyone to believe or accept, we can only share our wisdom and traditions, but it is up to whomever, to decide, which avenue he/she will choice to travel.

Personal Background: What about my life, heritage, and personal, now that I have some sixty plus year of personal history and adventures?

Cherel Michelle Red Sun EagleHawk: a child born of Nez Perce, Assiniboine, and Salish parents into the WhiteBear Clan …Tall Walking Standing (Silver tip) White Bear. Long before words I always sensed, then witnessed one such beautiful sacred white silver tip grizzly bear guarding, and watching over me. Yes, a very tall Sacred White Bear stands with me, too. The one that walks with me is taller than a two story-house. These days my Grandfather of the Sacred WhiteBear, calls to me and walks with me in a sacred way so I can help the Indigenous Peoples along with many other sacred guardians and guides.

You can say Indigenous Native or First People Native, but I am insulted when someone calls me American Indian, because I am not a puppet of the so-called US American Indian. My spirit is universal traditional and sacred; which is not for sell, or trade to the religion of the strange churches and religions that came from across the big waters

My heart and spirit stands with the Sacred Ones GUARDIANS, their teachings and guidance. No matter where I travelled, or where others hide me, or the distant from my biological family, it mattered not . . . . The GREAT SPIRIT, SACRED ONES, and GUARDIANS did not ignore me, turn their backs on me, or deny me the sacred truths of my relations.

Married, for twenty-eight until his crossing, to a wonderful Sioux/Cheyenne (Standing Bear) elder, father, husband, best friends, and lifetime partner, in spirit we walked the same path in life. He never bought dishonored on his family, neither abusive nor violent towards his children or me. He made sure we never went without, even when his career took him away from home more than it allowed him to be home, our marriage remained strong, no matter how far apart or when Government the assumed him MIA and later KIA. Thanks to our spiritual connection our union remained strong and we remained connected; thus the strength of our combined spirit, kept each other alive and strong. [Sacred Union Eternal Section One]

My husband SunHawk was a Standing Bear, and one man, whose council men respected and they sought out. It matter not where we went social gathering, major Pow-Wow, a week-end event, in no time SunHawk disappears. I knew if I wanted to find him the only thing I needed to do, look a large gathering of men, to find SunHawk and a few other highly important elders.

The terms CHIEFS of the NATIONS,  of the NATIONS, or MOTHER of the NATIONS are not something for one to take lightly, especially when one receives from the Sacred and Highest of the Most High Council of Chiefs, a sacred medicine shield, a quiver filled with arrows, a bow, and two guardians with lance and spear to stand with me. When they arrived I was told the sacred power they deliver to me was determined by the Highest of the Most High Sacred Council of Chiefs and the Great Spirit, I would receive it and not the one who placed his and on the shield and tried to claim its power.

Sacred Medicine and Spiritual Power, only the Sacred Father/Great Spirit and the Sacred Council of Chiefs, can approve and pass their sacred gifts of power to those they have trained and approved, not by those who think they deserve or desire the power. Truth: Sacred Medicine powers and status are not something for one to claim as their own, for title or position. The Sacred Ones are the only ones that can pass the sacred medicines gifts to whom they have chosen, and decide best deserves, and earned the sacred spiritual gifts and powers and will use them wisely. The sacred powers and gifts are duties and responsibilities meant to help protect and watch over the Peoples of the Nations. Power of position is not power of position for family or personal glory and/or financial profits. The High Council who delivered the medicine items explained:

It is important to think of what is good for the masses not the glory and profit of the few, when one begins to sell ones souls for personal gain then one is not honoring the sacred ways.

Most important person in my life:

Grandmother M, a very powerful medicine woman, and one valued Sacred Spiritual Mother of the People, well-known Wisdom Keeper, and more. From the week, Grandmother M took me in her arm, all who knew her, from clergy, priest, nuns, Chiefs, sacred elders, and lay persons used me to reaffirm to grandmother their respect, perception and love for her, sacred spiritual abilities. Everyone called her a Saint, Sacred Mother M, a miracle worker, and healer, from the way she cooked, to her laying on of hands; which is why countless people all over the world considered her a Sacred Saint. Truth, if she had been Catholic . . . she would have been canonized.

It is hard to believe how widely known and loved Grandmother M had been by hundreds’ of thousands on both sides of the USA and across the oceans. One Indigenous Native grew-up in the home of Missionaries, but her spirit was always, traditionally sacred and why all who felt her, sensed her presence, knew very honestly respected the touch of her spirit, heard her voice, or experienced her universal spirit filled with spiritual-love. Indigenous elders and traditionalist always knew universal and spiritual love is extremely powerful healing energies.

A very powerful medicine woman, who learned/honored/honed her sacred skills via tutelage of Ojibwa Elders in Nebraska, born in the late 19th Century, years before the Dust Bowl, cause the closer of the reservation and the tribe moved north to relations. From the time she could speak, they assisted, supported, and trained her to hone the skills she was born with, and gifted. Once the Sacred Ones were satisfied with positive life force connecting her sacred spirit eternal light with the ancients and she would use the knowledge and gifts from the ancient in sacred ways. The wisdom keepers taught her the sacred knowledge, powers, and skills of the ancients.

Once she advanced to the next stage in her spiritual life journey, her guardians send her out among the people and she became both student/teacher and teacher/student, and she received additional education among the Sioux, Apache, Salish, and Dine. Until she crossed she taught directly and indirectly more than a million people in the Sacred Spiritual way of our people. She was migrate worker, cook, spiritual counselor, medicine woman and missionary. She claimed to use the bible, but it was only a prop, for she taught the sacred ways of our spiritual traditions and used the same to heal. Using the sacred traditional knowledge and medicine ways of the Indigenous Nations, she helped hundreds of thousands find their path, get well, in addition to directly and indirectly bringing improvements in many programs and lifestyles. IN truth, she was the happiest when she was helping others or working with her hands and feet in Mother Earth.

Very few spiritual wisdom keepers, every hundred years, around the entire world, who are found pure of spirit-heart, spiritually worthy, who can receive the most Sacred Gifts and Holiest of Blessings. Remember, when one has a pure spirit filled with spiritual love it is easy for the Sacred Ones to express their loves and gifts; think of it as the Sacred Ones has a vessel to directly connect to us in this universe through their most sacred spiritual vessels, who can handle such sacred spiritual energy. Still only three of four will receive sure powerful spiritual blessings of Wisdom Keepers: with the knowledge to handle universal spiritual traditions, medicines, prayers, and the sacred knowledge to work with and handle spiritual physics, including sacred ancients power sources; which the ancients only pass down to the most honorable and sacred of spiritual elders.

The Sacred Ones say you must first learn to use the sacred gifts and skills you were born with and wisdom given you to in a sacred manner, and then only if you handle them honorably, will we consider sharing the most sacred and ancient knowledge with those called. As you know those they call and test start at an early age, among those only a few are chosen, and among those chosen, very few receive the sacred blessing of the Ancients and among those fewer still will they empower with their sacred powers and abilities.

Sacred Mother M’s journey guided her to become a Sacred Mother, Mentor, Guardian, and Savior for a child not yet born:

Grandmother M received a number of visions about a girl child, the Sacred Father and Holy Mother referred by the name of Red Sun. If the child is to survive, they needed her help to rescue and guard the child who returns, to help the people. Visions arrived a few months prior to the pivotal event, which held great importance in hers and Red Sun’s lives. The visions she received combined with flash visions and spiritual communications, proved very straight foreword instruction; revealing the faces of whom to see, who to stay clear of, and whom to speak with, along with who and what was behind the plot. The visions revealed important instruction of what to use and required to trick others into assuming the child was dead.

They also gave her a list of supplies required, medicines to gather, time to plan on a place to hide, which they showed her how to find it and possibility of staying hidden with Red Sun for a couple of weeks. Just before she arrived on the reservation, they instructed her who to speak with, what to say, and who she could trust to help rescue the child, Red Sun from death. Yes, the visions unfolded who and what were behind the problems, fears, and selfish-greed, which helped her to know who not to speak with and whom to avoid.

In the middle of violence, many breaking in, people shot and some killed, by the decree of the church, and greed, this night she became my grandmother. A new life journey of spiritual awakening, enlightenment, floods of sacred knowledge, spiritual guidance, activates powers, recognitions of sacred consciousness, and spiritual lifestyles, she activated. Once in her arms and removed from danger, our sacred bonding is strengthen and new visions revealed; the Sacred Ones chose her to teach the child, in the sacred ways elders taught her.

Our bonding insured a strong, sacred, spiritual connection, which strengthen the abilities between us to perceive conscious/and subconscious and spiritual energies, empowering all the teachings that inspired my foundation. She helped me accept and comprehend, just because one is removed from his/her reservation, taken from relations, the Great Spirit, Sacred Ones, Guardians, Elders and Ancients will neither deny nor fail to teach, those separated, if one is acceptance, willing and open to learning. All too often the lost child make the assumption, if one is not on one’s reservation, one is no longer part of or connected to the sacred oneness of ancestors, along with sacred spiritual guidance, bonding, and knowledge, which I soon realized this is a very big falsehood.

Okay, one possible truth, maybe it can be easier to learn living on the reservation, but open up one’s spirit-heart and mind to the Sacred Oneness for amazing things to happen and it will come to you no matter where you walk. All our training, no matter how minor one assumes, of no importance is not true; if one learns in a positive spirit, and learn in a good way, all things one learns will prove its importance in your life and the lives of others.

Yes, it requires all of us to learn and understand the truths of helping all our indigenous relations and tribes, not just ourselves or a few. The oneness and sacred indigenous spirit stays, along with our guardians stay with each of us, too. My directive requires me to return to help the people of our sacred nations. Each of us need to ask our self and sacred guardians: What is my prime directive and primary objectives?

Out of Darkness comes Enlightenment:

Grandmother M more than a medicine woman: she was a Sacred Wisdom Keeper, Healer, Guardian, Guide, Grandmother of the Peoples, (which others translated into Sacred Saintly Mother and truly a very Sacred Mother of the Peoples). This sacred mother was my mentor, guardian, protector, and the one that saved me many times from death and on a few occasions brought me back even after I have crossed. I can remember when she completed praying for people, guardians lifted her and she walked inches above the ground for hours afterwards. The sacred powers of a very powerful medicine woman, they wanted to use and/or destroy; and my journey with Grandmother M is among one of numerous reasons, my spirit accept and realized the importance of a writer.

Sacred Grandmother M’s daughter was a sociopath and High Goddess of a Neo-Nazi Satanic Cult. Originally introduced in the Neo-Nazi White Supremes Organization and Satanic Cult Goddess, wanted to own Elinora, obtain, and possess not only Elinora’s abilities, but also the abilities of Grandmother M, anyway possible. However, because of Elinora’s behavior and the fact she loved misusing the sacred abilities given Elinora from childhood; meant she failed her early childhood tests and her second chance during her teenage years. By her 13th year, her greed and impure heart lost Elinora, the right to all the sacred knowledge and sacred teachings. After Grandmother M rescued the child, Red Sun, me; Elinora’s jealousy grew, the cult wanted her to take the child in and turn her, after my 13th year, but they did not want her to kill the child. What they wanted was for her to behave loving one minute, abusive the next, along with impersonal and detached. They hope to turn me differently, after I had gained my powers.

But there was another more powerful and sacred universe with different plans . . . . Enlightenment, my sacred guardians and the Sacred Ones stepped in and took action. Interesting how each one began and added their influences in numerous ways, but not until the first hour, of the first day, after the rubber of the family’s Chevy or Cadillac (not too sure which one) hit the highway, but they waited until the driver turned the car heading north away from the rural countryside of Riverdale, California, and headed towards our vacation/family reunion destiny in Yellowstone/Teton area. The journey, the pivot point, the life renewed in Yellowstone.

Strange conditions rapidly arose; which swiftly impacted (total being of Red Sun a.k.a. Buckeye the human lie detector and child’s earthly spiritual being) and summonsed the total of child/Red Sun inside a vortex . . . . What is this? What is happening to me? Why do I feel strange, my being hurts, many changes? Losing . . . part or all of my being, yes, no, terminated, if not what is this that’s overcomes me? I can hear Glen Hunter and Elinora talking . . . but their words are fuzzy and strange sounding. The words they speak I don’t recognize, they speak a strange language. Disconnected, no relation, man cares woman hates.

Second Autocatalysis and Powerful Influence:

Proof of the Sacred Ones loving care arrives with a boundless, but more powerful presentation via their second new life transforming, autocatalysis, sacred life awakening and awareness influences, in conjunction with Grandmother M and the Sacred Ones . . . Yellowstone the Sacred Heart of Mother Earth and Mother Earth’s sacred life-force: Each helping to enrich and inspire the eternal spirit of Red Sun and the mortal child’s foundation, to accomplish the sacred life spiritual and eternal journeys. Sometimes when events take place we are not aware why these unique interactions, communications, and journeys truly impacted by Yellowstone’s sacred eternal spirit and earthly interaction, are exactly what we need for they embrace our eternal spirit: via sacred truths, very powerful spiritual awakenings, and adventures —then and now—which enriches, enlightens, guides,
teaches, awakens, and verify life’s sacred adventures.

A number of actual spiritual events invoked warm reasons for Red Sun/spirit heart and eternal spirit grew close and connect, we had been apart too long and we were close to crossing, without intervention and acceptance spiritual truths. Life awakening, healing,
sacred truths, are valuable energies one cannot embrace just because of the single voice from another, and this is where Mother Earth and Yellowstone the Sacred Heart of Mother Earth, and the Sacred Guardians summons proved valuable. Grandmother M, in conjunction with Mother Earth, the Sacred Ones, Sacred Medicine Elders and spiritual guardians, along with others and their abilities, invoked the Autocatalysis talents from Yellowstone, before
life’s journey and directives got too far off course.

When life began to get off track an amazing adventure in Yellowstone with the Sacred Heart of Mother Earth made sure the child reconnected with her sacred spiritual abilities and sacred indigenous eternal spirit of Red Sun. Since Elinora left the lifeless body in the bathtub, the two separated before Grandmother M arrived and beat life back into the lifeless body. Primary objective required a journey filled with sacred adventures and experience among visions, to fulfill prime directive combined with gathering of knowledge, enlightenment, and wisdom, to Save the Child. The truth my heart I realizes the only way to reunite eternal and child would not have happened without …

[Yellowstone Powerful Autocatalysis Influences and Embraces: her embraces cleansed away the lies of deception that wanted to control and destroy our eternal spirit. ]

The Sacred Heart of Mother Earth we call Yellowstone and the Sacred Mother carried us (two-halves) on incredible journeys enriched with living visions and vision quests, all of which they put into play to insure mortal child and eternal Red Sun, become fully aware both; past and present; now and alwaysindigenous traditional native. The sacred universal time arrived to insure that which became detached, choses to reunite to save lives, for one without the other cannot awaken to realize the importance of purpose. . . .Sent to help people via sacred teacher and guardian, and why the Sacred Ones send Red Sun to help save thousands lives from getting lost along with thousands more perishing needlessly.

What a thing for a child not yet four years of age surrounded by awakening visions to; and yes, a child can become very confused quickly and react with denial. No amount of words humans could say, I neither would believe nor could accept. The only question: What type of game are people trying to play, their words make no sense. Nevertheless, acceptance arrived easy with the presentations from Yellowstone within the Sacred Heart of Mother Earth. Beyond words, Yellowstone in many ways can/did generate serious impressions and instilled fantastic enlightenment for the child, whose time had come to awaken, to the reason for her name of Red Sun and her eternal life….

Truth, I do think, if not for the spirituality and abilities of Yellowstone the Heart of Sacred Mother Earth presentations, and Grandmother M translation . . . I would not
have become acceptant of nor found conditions easy to comprehend, for I would have had too many unanswered questions. Neither do I think nor would I have taken the right direction the Sacred Ones expected me to accomplish, if not for Yellowstone Autocatalytic Influences and our association. Fact, neither spiritual guidance nor visions would hold the same meaning or spiritual energy enlightenment.

No matter how spiritually powerful, Sacred Grandmother M had proven herself to everyone that knew her, the things that took place, shortly after the journey to Yellowstone began, and continued until the day Red Sun anew, left Yellowstone, the intensively powerful events, filled with life and energy Grandmother M could not have choreographed or created. No one could take me to the edge, hold my spirit, remove hundreds of thought forms, and lies, while awakening reality and truths. Every fragment of sacred energy wanted to make sure I recognized, appreciated, and accepted I was indigenous native and nothing else, by life was valuable and I was on a very important life journey. Visions strong, communications stronger, and interactions amazing, yes I can say while there I evolved in many ways.

[You can read more about the portions of my Yellowstone association by
going to [Yellowstone Powerful Autocatalysis Embrace … Sacred Heart of Mother
Earth … Index Links:]

Yes, the way the Sacred Ones guided my life; on many occasions took me to the very extremes of life and death, for a number of reasons, but a voice within says mainly to reawaken others to our truths and knowledge. It is hard to relate one’s lifestyle
experiences in association with the Ancients and Sacred Ones who taught and passed on to our sacred elders, wisdom keepers, chiefs along with ancient sciences and knowledge of universal/quantum physics. Yes, our people knew and lived by many ancients’ secrets and traditions, along with acceptance of our rich heritage via experiences of sacred powers and spiritual psychic abilities, long before aliens invaded our lands. One part of my prime objective Yellowstone allowed me to recognize; traditional past with our present; allowing all too honestly awaken and connect to their sacred future.

Sacred Father of Life and Light Eternal is Red, very much alive, for our sacred universe is neither dead nor have the Sacred Ones forsaken the people, but many of our people believe
the Sacred Ones along with our Sacred Father have forsaken our people and denied us access to our universe. Yet, others believe our ways are nothing more than falsehoods and lies. To them the sacredness of the universe is spiritually dead. It is alive, eternal, beautiful, and wonderful, beyond words and reason. Much of my writing takes one on wonderful journeys and adventures; which give you the opportunity to see and comprehend the vastness of our spiritual realm.

Very important truths to honor and accept, just because one is removed from ones
reservation and taken from their relations, the Great Spirit, Sacred Ones, Guardians, Elders and Ancients neither deny his children nor I Red Sun. People of the Nations need to realize the Sacred Ones never turned their backs on their sacred children, but WE continue to turn our backs in varying degrees. . . . Grandmother M’s teachings became my foundation; combined with her spiritual guidance/gifts each had a very powerful influence on my life.

Truth, I realize it is a backdoor approach to whom, and what is the foundation of Red Sun. I believe it is more important to understand the journey of how this one first became aware of the sacredness of our traditional values and culture, and my memories reach
back into the months prior to the gift of crawling or speech. However, I could understand the spoken word and comprehend the thoughts and emotions of two-legged humans, four-legged families, feathered friends, and nature.

Without Grandmother M, I would not survive and thousands of lives would be lost and thousands more perish needlessly for no reason.

By the time I reached three and half years of age, my ability to flow on the winds of energies, to ride the jet streams of life harmonics combined with telepathic thought-form energies filled with lights, sounds and colors, harmonics, energies, and strong sensory
activities, enhanced perception of thoughts and hearts across a vast universal array of energies. Grandmother M taught me to analysis the way my spirit-heart accepts, visualizes, personal environments via programmed thought-form energies is a very important part of building ones foundation. A child without verbal capability possessed active telepathic communications and strong receptive telepathic awareness with spiritual adults, grandmother, and animals: We all had recognition abilities of individual thoughts, concealed in a mixture of emotions, and energized by a different mixture of verbal speech, which among humans deception on many occasions made things interesting. Considering, their telepathic conscious and sub-conscious thoughts, I perceived louder than verbal words.

Animals and nature are very sensitive to the various types of conditions within human family units and react to dangers within our environment, as well. Indigenous people spiritual telepathic connection with and abilities to communicate telepathically nature
and the Sacred Ones had developed true sensory communication with nature and
relations across distance and space, with spiritual abilities and wisdom. It seems I had the same sensitivity, and assumed everyone had the same abilities, what a shock to learn very few could communicate telepathically beyond their physical five senses. Okay, I was eighteen years old when a friend told me I was not the normal, my abilities were extraordinary, which is why I scared people.

Energy transmissions, receptions, and extrasensory psychic activities are obvious readable sensory vibrations among animals: domestic, wild, farm animals and some cultures.
Sometimes, when the energy fields transmit strong energies in variable direction, the behavior of animals around the family home reacted in ways that signal conditions we have not yet recognized ranging from love to psychic danger or extreme violence coming. Truth, this awareness, receiver, and transceiver of life energies enriched a lifetime of knowledge to numerous forms of universal, spiritual, conscious, and subconscious, life energies, inspired research and hundreds of scientific and spiritual questions within countless lifetimes of ancestors before me.

My knowledge of and personal  interactive ability to communicate amidst animals and grandmother, enlightened, developed, and enriched telepathic consciousness links and strengthen awareness, allowing for communication among various telepathic energies and
spiritual forms: sounds, lights, colors, energy patterns, vibrations and vibrational waves, besides countless communicative forms in nature’s universal consciousness. Okay, this all might have been in early formulation of some very wonderful life stages, prior to Yellowstone. AT first life said you were three going one twenty, until . . . now you are ageless going on eternity.

Change of plans, occurred with new and powerful telepathic energies, which took me a while to comprehend let alone identify the new sensory connection with Yellowstone the Sacred Heart of Mother Earth. It is hard to say why, without warning a time of rebirth,
connection and sacred enlightenment, no human could ever accomplish, is touching ones spirit.

Prayers mean journeys to learn and spiritual guidance to understand. Before verbal speech I can remember praying to Sacred Guardians and Elders for help to understand and survive. Then, many times I called upon and depended on my sacred guardian to guide and protect me—Guardian who has guarded me in another lifetime, arrived and stands
with me since the minute of my birth—one very tall, powerful, wonderful, protective, standing, shimmering white, grizzly bear, and other ancestors of the Bear Clan, helps guide and protect a child born in and/or around Montana. Many conditions and events activated Yellowstone a master teacher, who proved in various ways a grand architect at enrichment and development, which awakens one to a powerful consciousness, for spiritual/universal bonding, and expanding knowledge connected to the Sacred Ones and Mother Earth. Strong awareness skills took me on a massive series of human and spiritual adventures combined numerous experiences filled with expansive energy conditions. Yes, Yellowstone proved a very pivotal factor in my life and my universal awareness.

Foundation of Sacred Knowledge and Indigenous Spirituality:

Thanks to Yellowstone and Grandmother M, along with the Sacred Ones and my guardians, each in their individual unique ways gave me to tools to recognize unrecognized environments, along with conditions unconscious energies can introduce, which inspired me to conduct some interesting research. The knowledge enabled me to see how for
centuries these same dynamics influence via enlightenment, awakening, and/or heal or destroy our universal and personal health conditions.

The mind a source of amazing energy and powers, powerful influences combined with conditionings and the reasons I sought to understand how different energies impact life, behaviors, environments, and family interactions. What do the positive and negative
energies cause? It soon became obvious how positive interactions among people can lead to happy healthy bodies and lifestyles while negative interactions can influence and lead to, unhealthy lifestyles and various health problems.

Silently without fanfare: Sacred knowledge of native sciences, indigenous spirituality and knowledge of traditional environments, and centuries working with various forms of physics: mental, emotional, spiritual, universal and quantum, accumulated with it collided with one headstrong child, the college unknowingly accepted an ancient field of knowledge
and research, (which to them they accepted a new field of research). Knowledge the
Indigenous peoples knew and practiced for centuries, before boat people from
numerous nations arrived here. What I did not say to the establishment this
wisdom has for centuries been a very important ingredient in all behavior and
the way we worked together. This sacred knowledge our spiritual elders knew for
centuries, and a very important part of our basic spiritual foundation, and
lifestyle development, which helped our people establish healthy nations,
families, and culture.

Our psychic and spiritual awareness for centuries enabled our unique interaction with nature, and nature’s children, translated into spiritual/telepathic communications on different levels, filled with sacred and unique mental connects with thought-forms.
Interactive energies, combined with conscious verbal and subconscious telepathic communications, links our psychic interaction, with universal physics and quantum physics: All of which was part of spiritual/traditional foundations and skills. Yes, it was easy to learn from Grandmother M, and the Sacred Ones, animal guidance and my abilities, made it easy for the transitions. Reading energy and able to tap into various energy patterns proved easy for me to move from interactions with nature, to influences within and between individuals, combined with environment. All things, we are
interconnected . . . my relations.


What I write about may sound that I am writing my personal history or nothing more
than journey; which has no other purpose or connection, when in fact what I write about, are sacred truths, awareness and ways our people lived, along with the sacred truths, and realities the indigenous people knew, received, and lived by for centuries. Much knowledge faded always, when violence gave none the opportunity to teach the sacred ways, other wisdom, knowledge, and truths got lost, with boarding school and for many other reasons. Thus I have suffered for the people, and taken many journeys and adventures for the last sixty plus years. Many journeys to learn and bring forward, including sacred truths and
wisdoms, insight into the Sacred Universe, to understand the vast knowledge and sacred truths, the Sacred Ones revealed to our people they revealed to me and others, too.

The physics, philosophies, sciences, quantum physics, spiritual physics, and much more through traditions and cultures knowledge, experiences, and truths, all of this and more our relations and Sacred Ones want people to know:

Time for the people to awaken and accept their sacredness and oneness with the Sacred Universe. *Sometimes TRADITIONS must be broken to make TRADITIONS work, is someone thing they said and imprinted on my mind and spirit, many time. For this reason I write about the sacred gifts, guidance, and  enlightenment I have received, all of which traditions says is not to be share, but the Sacred Father and all the Sacred Ones, they say it is important and this is the reason they want all they have shared with me shared with others.

Prelude to the Writer

(c) RedSun/SunHawk Life Adventure  by Michelle RedSun EagleHawk