Spiritual w/ Visions 2 Visitations

Part One of ‘Life Changes

Summonsing All Spiritual Medicine Warriors

Dark Messenger of War sent  by Archangels Michael and Gabriel

he assigned them to deliver his message and this night … They delivered important reason the Creator summonsed Spiritual Warriors, People of Superior Leadership Background, and Universal Abilities.

Part Two to Universal Life Changes and Nations around the world, foretold centuries earlier and at the time the events foretold came of age and into reality.

Hand of God Appears and Reveals

Why? How fire” What’s  causing the flicking lights in the front room . . . Impossible? . . . NO,  electrical wiring, no light outlets, drapes closed, no radiating light in or around  the area . . . yet? Solid wall and door is no way light can leak into any area of this house from outside. Drapes too thick . . . Spirit lights. Yes possible  . . . time to investigate the whys of those strange lights: Ooh no, something more powerful than fire, but rather a spiritual enlightenment announcement.

     This has to be important or it wouldn’t come with such an overwhelming visual Holographic  presentation, with interactive spiritual telecasts, vivid electric colors, in
symbolic live action complete with impressions combined with teachings via
thought-forms. Interesting how this entire presentation is coming forth from
the Sacred Hand of the Most Holy Sacred Father.

Speaking out to the one whose hand is in my front room:

Okay, Sacred Father, what is so important  for this style of visitation, what do I need to witness; which speaks in terms of Spiritual/Biblical importance . . . can you explain, Why? What can I do? Truth, people refuse to listen and I am not one of any importance that anyone would listen.

The Journey of Mother Abigail Raven

Much of life will surprised at what you discover when you allow your heart to open wide and allow faith to embrace you. … All Who Knew U Loved U. You were a sacred gift in the lives of all U touched, even if they only had causal eye-contact. An angel’s spirit can created wonderful inspirations and difference. Yes, angels can come to help in a form of natures children, and many come to observe and serve in many form and many come to visit on four-legs.

Part One in a Series of Adventures and Ceremonies between 1 November and 3 January: The Sacred Father of Eternal Light of Life and Enlightenment opens the veil to the coded message he send by way of one sacred messenger.

Sacred Ones of Eternal Light Coded Messages

Sacred Truth and Question: I wonder if people would treat animals with such disdain, if they realized the sacred truth, since all creatures great and small have souls, protected, guided, and loved by angels, for starters.

Secrets of Sha-Dra

8 thoughts on “Spiritual w/ Visions 2 Visitations”

  1. Hi,
    I don’t know if what i am about to tell you was a dream or what you call a vision because I wasn’t asleep at the time. I saw an old Native American man outside my window holding a long stick thing in his hand with feathers at the top of it and he had a head dress on he walked through my window and stood before me with no eyes at all it was looking into black clouds and they were hallow and I said hi to him I don’tknow why then I became scared as he is staring at me about a foot from my face so Igot on my knees and stared to pray for God to protect me and cast him out of my houseand during my prayer he said to me I’m not here to hurt you twice then my normal room appeared again. I swear I was not asleep during this time it wasabout 2am in the morning but guess it could have been a dream I can draw a perfect scetch of what helooked like. I am not a Native American I am Middle Eastern desent so Idon’t know why Im seeing Native American man. Can youplease help me to understand what I am seeing. Because Im not sleeping at all to scared to close my eyes.
    Thank you, Brita Kugler!

    1. You are not to worry or fear the messenger Black Cloud, and yes he will come back, but then I ask how do you not knew you are of Native American past life. The stick with the feather is one a walking stick and medicine stick at the same time. So this says he was a elders with medicine abilities.

      Since you can not remember his outfit, any markings or symbols on his clothing I can not tell you much more except there was a message in the eyes for you. However, you paniced so much you lost the sacredness of the message and reason for his visitation. If he comes again ask him to what wants and the gifts he has of you to understand.

      Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, Ihope I have helped you get some rest and to accept his visit.

      1. Hi,
        It is odd that you mention he was a Medicine Man that visited me. I am in the medical field. I have been for about 15 years. I knew it was my calling to be a nurse. I wish now that I wouldn’t have gone into a panic the way I did, and would have asked him what he need to tell him. It’s weird I can still see every detail of his face…I do remember his clothing and headdress also, along with the markings on his face..

        Thank you,

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