Major Articles all Genres

Major Genres in this section and the others two sections; which are major articles with links connected directly or indirectly to various articles or genres


One thought on “Major Articles all Genres”

  1. For too long I have stood true to myself and a man I so dearly love. Raising my family and supporting each of them with everything I have. I give and save nothing for myself as I am not selfish and love to provide! I have now been left by my warrior as he transitions to wise man and falls prey to another womans insecurity. The love pours out of my heart and forgiveness surrounds as I understand this is a sickness in his lost mind. I pray to find him again as I journey through some deep caring of my self. I radiate love, peace and caring but need to know if I should carry on or wait until his mind is clear again? Please help me answer this!!!

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